Have you seen this fucking show?  It’s awesome.  However it should be called David Duchovny and the land of tits.  There were tons of them.  Everywhere you watched it was oh look what’s that?  It’s a tit!  Yay for boobies!  Sex sells we all know this.  And you know us guys we see one boob we wanna see them all.

Seriously this show was awesome.  Hank is hilarious and it’s so fucked up.  He loves this woman with all his heart, but his dick is a divining rod for pussy.  One moment he’s thinking about how much he loves Karen, then some hot trim comes along and his cock falls in her.

It’s got a lot of twist and turns in it, some you see coming others are like “What the fuck, seriously?”  Fucking and punching being one of those moments.  The writers managed to milk that story line for awhile.  Underage girl seduces Davids penis, and punches him a few times for his efforts.  Then continues to hold it over his head and steals his work, eventually it’s found out and yeah, he’s in trouble.

Then is fat best friend who gets caught jerking off on cam and fucking his secretary, his wife is kinda a cunt but when she is high on cocaine her inner slut comes out.  Oh yeah and she waxes women for work.  This woman is doing Gods work.

Hanks daughter is funny as hell, she’s daddys girl and ends up taking the same path as her dad to some degree, being that she banged a few people, did some drugs, drank some hooch oh yeah and she dressed goth, which has some serious possibilities.

Hmmm what was his best friends name, the rock star.  Lew Ashby,  He’s a great sidekick and he is absolutely an enabler for bad behavior.  His tombstone is him with a golf club, wearing a kilt and his cock hanging out below the hem.

I may not go down in history but I will go down on your sister. – Hank Moody.


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