Mad Max

So have you seen the new Mad Max movie yet?  I liked it quite a bit, lots of blood, explosions, tons of violence and big vehicles racing along the sand  Fun times yo!  I really did enjoy this film, I would watch it again and enjoy it just as much.  If you haven’t seen it allow me to ruin it for you.  Dude gets caught, dude becomes a life line, dude goes for a ride, dude manages to get free and hilarity ensues.  He meets up with dudette, who has stolen some portable baby makers from their baby daddy, who is a huge asshole and really awesome.  Total metal!  \m/  Speaking of metal, there was a character with no face playing a flame throwing guitar with a speakers and bass drums behind him.  Kinda rad.  Stay shiny and chrome fuckers all the way to Valhalla.  What was that silver shit?  Just spray paint?  Were they just huffing the aerosol?  What a cheap high.  I would rather like to think that it was a combination of Silver paint, steroids and herpes.  I think it’s the same thing as the special kool-aid / punch that regular run of the mill cults use to off themselves to go see the pretty sparkly ship in the sky when Cthulhu calls them home.

Overall this movie was awesome and I suggest you go see it.


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