So the other day this shit happened.

Okay so those of you who know me, also know that I’m single in RL, and even though I go on dates I cannot seem to find that special somebody.  I thought I found somebody recently, but the last thing she said to me.  “You’re being a fucking dick”  Then hung up.  I know sounds like love right?  Nope, haven’t talked to her since.  She was a decent person to, but she had her annoying moments as well.  I handled it poorly, you know like normal.  I bare the brunt of the guilt in this one.  With that being said, she had her faults as well.  I’m not gonna badmouth her, she doesn’t deserve that.  I wish her the best, oh well back to the search.  OOOOHHHH, I forgot to mentioned, A lady at work gave me her number recently.  We talk daily, but it’s weird cause i’m not fond of dating people who work at the same company that I do.  It can cause problems in the workplace I think, but who knows.  She’s a few years older than I am, which is fine.  Not sure what i’m gonna do with this one.  Should I take her out for a test drive or should I ignore her and remain friends.  Choices and choices, I wonder if she likes anal…


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