Eyes wide shut.

It’s funny to watch Tom Cruise act, he can’t even act straight.

He’s a respected physician in this movie, yet this lady whose drugged out, he doesn’t check her pulse, he looks in her mouth, for what reason I don’t know.  Pretty sure the guy said she was shooting up but no where in the scene is the equipment for shooting up.  At least he acted like he looked into her eyes to see if the pupils were dialated.  Her name is Mandy and apparantly Tom Cruise is gonna make her all better without the use of Narcan.  I’m just pulling teeth here, but I think Tom Cruise is a shitty actor.  Though Nicole Kidman has a great ass in this movie.

This movie has the potential for greatness, but it really isn’t any better than soft core porn, except without the inspirational dialog.  There are quite a few hot chicks and tits in this movie though, so sweet on that.

Uuuugh this scene with Nicole and Tom getting baked and agonizing over stupid shit.  Yes Nicole it’s well known guys think your hot and wanna fuck you and that’s 90% of the reason they put up with your yammering.

Man this movie is atrocious, the acting is wooden, the dialog sucks, it’s just a bad movie.  I struggled through it.  it was worse than soft core porn, at least they look like they’re trying to enjoy themselves.  Stupid.

– Frosty.


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