Oh so yeah

Remember in a previous post I was called a fucking dink and hung up on?  So she came over last night.  We talked it was a little awkward.  I really think she was expecting me to apologize which may be why she waited so long to talk to me.  I didn’t and I won’t.  I did nothing wrong and I won’t fake apologize to make her feel better.  I had pretty much written this one off but hey i’m not being an asshole.  She asked to come over and I said sure.

We had a drink and talked and socialized a bit, but nothing happened.  I’m unsure of if I want to progress further.  I don’t like games and I am not sure.  She went home after awhile and yeah i’ll post more later.

I’m watching the Domiation of Madison Young right now.  She’s kinda cute and she likes it in the butt.

in da butt!

– Frosty


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