The Broken Spoke Track

Alright so tonight I rode the Broken Spoke bike track.

It was a nice ride albeit a bit short for my taste.

It starts off at ground level, right near the stage so you can enjoy the djs if you so chose, or check out the shops.  Problem #1 there is no rezz box or place to rezz your bike unless you’re a member of the group.  So I joined the group and pulled out my bike.  Started off in third gear and headed up the track, it circles the sim on the outside and then starts to climb.  It has some decent turns and some decent straight aways.  Halfway up or so there was a gate and a wider track where you can tear ass if you like.  Over all it was a decent track, the seams were done well and I didn’t fall through any parts.  Which is always a happy point for me when I don’t fall through the fucking track.  But it was too short, it would be great if they gave it some length to go with the girth.  Add some stuff to look at, put out a rezz box so there doesn’t have to be a group to join.

This ride takes under ten minutes but it’s sure to be enjoyable.  I didn’t notice a time board anywhere but the upper part of the track would be a decent race.

Until the next review.

Fuck you i’m Frosty!


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