Underwood and Underwood Lake

Well it’s a sweat tastic Tuesday and I was nasty as fuck today at work, so I came home, took a shower and now I’m gonna write a review. I know sexy right?! Yes, yes it is.

Okay today we’re talking about Underwood and Underwood lake.


Okay so I visited this track a few times in the last couple of weeks, and I’ve taken a few rides on it. I have to say it’s very well put together. There is one corkscrew that really isn’t a corkscrew but kinda is….. yeah go ride it you’ll see what I mean. However there are no cookie cutters and it’s all mesh track put together by some designers and the sim owner Sheila Fireguard. Very nicely put together and very pleasing to the eyes.

Okay ground floor. There are shops to rent, there is the Strokers Tavern which hosts Djs, they also have tribute bands that come concerts on the sim as well as chock full of stuff to do and look at. There are all ready several shops scattered throughout the track that have some excellent stores in them. Wouldn’t be a bad thing to stop in and look around. Connected to the ground floor you’ll see the beach area. Feel free to drive over there. Careful of the sim crossing, it’s kinda a cock sucker no matter how gentle you try to be. You know one minute driving over an imaginary line the next moment flying through the air. Fun right. You cross over to the Underwood Lake homestead, where you can relax on the beach, play a game or two, jet ski, bumper boats, do some 7 seas fishing and generally just chill the fuck out from your stressful second life. Make sure you look around there are quite a few sights to take in.

There are 9 levels total here and they’re all very nicely put together. Clearly a lot of thought was put into this and I approve. We all know I like creative shit and this track does a good job keeping it fun to ride and great to look at.

1st level has a cobblestone road , lots of trees to avoid should you go off the beaten path. Oh yeah there is a hobbit hole, if you see Dildo Baggins in there go say hi. Actually the hobbit hole was a nice fun surprise. Don’t usually see that sorta stuff on a biker track. If you wanna go camping there is a fire pit, and a ratty camper. Try not to get tetanus looking at it.

2nd level is a level for shops and there is a game room to enjoy. Bowling! TOUCH THE BALLS!

3rd level greets you with a Mesh Head store right at the top. There is a big swimming area, and a childrens playground There is also a spot to park your bikes and relax.

4th level there is a small HDCC bike shop to check out as well as a nice Race track. This is a fun little race, I had a blast on it. I’m sure you will as well.

5th level is a country western themed level, so if you wanna ride a horse or ride your significant other, well than put your spurs on and rock out with your bad self. There is a spot on this platform where you can summon a horse and ride around with it.

6th level has Mitches house of Grunts…… What sort of grunts. Like heavy labor or hot sexy time? Not sure, but it could have potential to be a strip club or something. That would be rather fun. This is sort of a futuristic area to ride in. I like the way there are slightly different themes to check out.

7th level is another Racetrack, also rather fun to ride, there are several unexpected drops in it. Which is just fun. Again, I love unexpected shit and this was really fun for me.There is a small shop here where you can buy some tight biker outfits.

8th level is an oasis, nice sandy area with some watering holes, a campfire to chill around. There is also a small area for kids again. Not sure if they’re expecting a lot of kids on the sim, but hey it’s here.

Over all this track was a fun ride, lots of shit to look at and very nicely laid out. I think you all will enjoy it. It’s 9 levels total, 2100 meters in the air and it’s all mesh track put together by hand. I will ride this track again and highly suggest you do it as well.

And that’s the bottom line cause fuck you i’m Frosty!


Broken Skull MC


So I had a great ride here today, this was a fantastic track built by the mysterious Ellie.  Only a mystery because I haven’t met her yet.  I did meet a couple of the clubs officers, Jules and Tara.  Tara is my now self appointed stalker.  🙂  These two ladies made me feel at home.  They were very helpful, they answered my questions and we had a great conversation.

Okay let’s talk about the track.

Hand built track which went roughly a 1,000 meters in the air.  There a great balance of curves, straightaways, jumps and yeah a few corkscrews.  We all know i’m not a fan of corkscrews, but on this track you can skip one of them, they have alternate routes in a couple areas.  Now I have to say, the decoration on this track is very well done.  It’s not just some barren wasteland of tubes and tracks.  Ellie put  a lot of thought and effort into making this a great ride, visually as well as smooth.

Started off really nice, went round a few corners and down into the water portion of the track.  FISHIES!  Yeah there were fish, you can’t hit them though but it’s fun to try.  This is nicely laid out and right at the start so bonus there.  Out of the water and up we went to start to climb the track.  Be careful there is a sheep in the middle of the road, the little bastard gets in the way.  If you don’t want blood on your bike avoid him, I call him Lil’ Buttsniffer.  So if you’re anything like me, you’re gonna hit the little shit and it will blow up.  SUCCESS!

Now I will say, I would like to see the walls a different color, cause at the start of the turns I kept bouncing my dumb ass off of them.  Which is fine, cause I make ping ponging a fucking art form.  So yeah I would like to see some a lighter color to show me that i’m about to crash into the wall again.

So if you get tired of riding, you will come acrossed a single solitary bowling alley.  You go up a ramp to the next platform and there it is.  Surprise, now play with the balls.  🙂  Keep riding there is a really fun loop you can go around.  You don’t have to hit it, you can take the easy option and go around it if you so choose but it’s fun to try to make it around going slow and then falling.  I will say this I didn’t fall but I was tempted to just because why the fuck not.

The track goes through a very large aquarium, there is a whale and some other sea creatures in there as well.  Very cool, I’ve ridden a lot of tracks in the time i’ve been in SL but that was a first for me.  I like creative shit folks and little things like this get my attention.  I approve.

There is a vertical ramp you can go up, as well as what could be described as a water slide.  Both are fun, hit them fast and launch your happy ass off the top, see where you land.  Could be fun.  Heh.

Okay now let’s get to the top of the track.  There is a long long race track up there.  Which also is kinda a bitch.  I got 242 seconds on the track, which i’m told was really good for a newbie.  Yup I was called a newbie and I suppose I was.  Now I was racing the track and I kept getting hit by lag spikes.  Jules and Tara were generous and derezzed a few things for me to try and help out but I still had issues.  They told me that the sim needed a restart and it would be better afterwards and i’ll be going back.  So the race track is a blast, and it’s fucking not easy.  I really enjoyed it and I plan on going back several times to check it out again.  As an after thought, I didn’t take off any of my huds or scripts so part of it was me i’m sure but shhhhhh.  🙂

Oh and before I forget, from what I was told Ellie rebuilds portions of the track every couple of weeks to keep it fresh.  That is awesome.  I cannot wait to see what else she has up her mysterious sleeves.

I really have nothing bad to say about this track.  If I wanted to knit pick I could complain about a few seams that are showing in various places, but the track is put together by hand so fuck the few seams.  I would ask that the walls were lighter or a different color to make it easier for my crashing happy ass to see where I am going better.  After I was done I met some of the members and we shot the shit for awhile and had a good time.  Very nice people and i’m looking forward to talking to them again.

Okay with that being said I highly suggest you check this place out, it’s worth your time.  Book your MCs now by talking to BSMC Road Captain- Jules (jujujhb).

– Fuck you i’m Frosty!

For real real not for play play

So remember that girl who called me a fucking dick, than called me two weeks later?  Yeah she’s starting to fade from my memory as well.  We got together a week or so ago on a Wednesday.  We went to the beach and it went down hill from there.  DAMN KIDS EVERYWHERE!  Screaming kids……Every fucking place you look.  So I guess my annoyance factor went through the roof.  I got annoyed, she got annoyed.  She defriended me on Facebook, i’m assuming she’s fisting herself now and frankly I don’t care.  Now i’m not a hard person to get along with…..im lying, i’m amazing difficult to get along with.  But with that being said, she saw my anxiety rising and chose to ignore it.  I did actually ask nicely to get away from the SCREAMING FUCKING KIDS!  But noooo.  Twat.  She can go fuck herself if she is so inconsiderate.  Now to be fair i’m kinda an asshole but this is my blog so eat me.  🙂

Get Bent bitch – Frosty.

Route to Nowhere – Centurion and Templar MC land


Okay so I visited the Templars / Centurions MC land a few times over the past couple of days.  I’ve been there a few times before, but this time was to ride their track and check it out indepth.  The bottom land is very nice, laid out nicely with several structures and surrounded by a very nice mountain view.  They have both their MC’s on the land, there is a bull ride.  That’s a lotta fun but the fucking thing hates me….That bulls a bitch.  There is a 7 seas fishing area, an events stage, shops to look around in.  There is a church if you wanna go bump naughty parts in front of it.  Don’t know if you can go inside, but Jesus is watching you so make it good.  If you so desire to rent a shop and need information on this you can contact 􀀃Illenna Lavender Redfield (Illenna.lavender).  She’s super sweet and willing to help you with your questions.

Okay meat and bones.  On the bottom ground there is a rezz area.  Check the boards around it for information, ride stuff and there is a big fat meaty bastard named Bob you can tip if you so desire.  To start you off you have to go up a Corkscrew.  I think there are 8 or 9 loops of that.  Have I mentioned I really don’t like corkscrews.  Pain in the ass and they’re not fun.  It’s almost better to put a teleport up to the next level and forget about the corkscrew.

Let’s talk about the track itself….  It’s okay…  There are a lot of straight away’ where you can open up your bike and rip ass along the way.  There are curves and corners and tunnels, but there isn’t nearly enough variation for my personal tastes.  The track seems to have been put together in a bit of a rush.  I could be wrong there but along the way I notice a lot of little things.  If you’re paying attention you’ll notice that not all the seams line up.  That bothers me greatly, but again that is just a little room for improvement.  The road is a bit narrow in many areas and if you’re an erratic driver such as I am you tend to bounce off things when you’re fucking around.  The problem with that is, the walls tend to grab onto you and all of a sudden you’re either falling or upfuckingsidedown.  Love that, really..  Along the road there is some decent scenery to check out, you can stop out and look to see the road below you.  There are a lot of opportunities here to really decorate the place up and make it look really sweet.

The second level is nice, there is a dirt road on it, some lovely scenery, another rezz box.  They hold weddings and receptions on this level and it’s very well done.  Up to the next level.  Great and friendly place to hang out, i’m sure you will agree.

The third level is a Urban level and the first few times I went in here I road around in circles wondering where the fucking exit was.  I laughed, I crashed into things and swore a few times.  Success, I like it.  Now a few exploding things would be fun to run into.

Fourth level is a Simbaz Motorz cookie cutter level.  For all intensive purposes this part of the ride is really smooth.  The track is wide, well put together and this is rather fun to ride along.  That being said I am not a fan of cookie cutters but they do have their place and can be a lot of fun.

The bottom, second and third levels have rezz areas for your bikes, I don’t remember seeing one on the cookie cutter.  So if you’re a dipshit and lose your bike fly your happy ass to the rezz area and get your shit back.

Alright if you need something or have questions feel free to send Centurion President Sabi Charisma (Sabi.Charisma)  She is the one I had to end up contacting to get some help.  She is willing to field questions from folks and help to set up rides for your MC.  You can also contact Templars President Spike (Caspike1969) who will be equally helpful.

Okay to sum this up.  The track is alright, an easy right and very light hearted.  If you and your MC need a lazy day Sunday drive then this track is perfect.

Fuck you i’m Frosty!

Double Trouble Track, Devils Reign


Hi folks, been a short while since i’ve posted, but it’s my blog and my time table soooo suck it.

So I want to talk about this track.  I really like it.  It’s a lot of fun to travel and it takes 15 to 20 minutes give or take depending on how fast you bust ass up the track.  This track is creative and well put together and a lot of fun to ride.  I’m one of those people who like to go as fast as possible, and then on this track I tend to ping pong off the sides.  Fucking lovely to watch me do it.  Hilarious.

Okay let’s get into the meat and bones here.  I can’t say enough good things about this track.  It’s comes with endless twists and turns, you go around one turn and there is a dip down and a curve backwards.  You have to pay attention or you’re going to bounce your happy ass off the wall.  Be prepared for the jumps as well there are many.  This track isn’t all curves, there are plenty of spots where you can shift into high gear and haul ass, but when you get to the curves shift down because that shit will creep up on you.  It’s awesome.  This track is roughly a 1200 meters in the air give or take, i’ve not confirmed that for myself.  Mainly because I kept forgetting to check.  Oh well.  🙂

Along the track you will pass a few small levels.  Last I was there, I believe one level had a playground amusement park or some shit on it.  I saw a few houses, a garden of some sorts and what appeared to be a bike wash of some sort.  Not really sure what it was but I’ll just go with that.

Now at the very top there is a cookie cutter bit of track.  I’m not fond of those, they’re okay but I find them kinda meh.  This track doesn’t need it, but it has one.  Now with this part of the track I did fall off the side and get stuck in the walls.  So the cookie cutter bit was not as well put together as the rest of the track.

So at the bottom of the track there is  the Double Trouble club which has regular djs in it from 4 pm to Midnight SLT six days a week.  They also host concerts and hot strippers, whom i’m told all test clean for STDs.  Fantastic.  There are some shops that are for rent  I don’t know how much they cost you’ll have to ask somebody on the land.  I’ve been told that there will be a full sim wide battlefield there very shortly, as well as skinny dipping.  Could be an interesting combination.  Most of the people I have met from that MC are very decent.  If you wanna rent a shop, talk to Ry, she is the President of the Mc and according to her people she has cooties, likes boogers and is super cute.

I spoke to Ry about this track and complimented her on it.  She discussed with me that she rides a bike in real life and wanted to create a track that bikers would love.  It definately shows in the design of this track.  From what I understand the Devils Reign MC is currently recruiting prospects and if you’re interested contact one of their members and i’m sure they will point you in the right direction.

Go and experience the track, you’ll love it.  If you don’t then go watch porn.

Fuck you i’m Frosty!