Double Trouble Track, Devils Reign

Hi folks, been a short while since i’ve posted, but it’s my blog and my time table soooo suck it.

So I want to talk about this track.  I really like it.  It’s a lot of fun to travel and it takes 15 to 20 minutes give or take depending on how fast you bust ass up the track.  This track is creative and well put together and a lot of fun to ride.  I’m one of those people who like to go as fast as possible, and then on this track I tend to ping pong off the sides.  Fucking lovely to watch me do it.  Hilarious.

Okay let’s get into the meat and bones here.  I can’t say enough good things about this track.  It’s comes with endless twists and turns, you go around one turn and there is a dip down and a curve backwards.  You have to pay attention or you’re going to bounce your happy ass off the wall.  Be prepared for the jumps as well there are many.  This track isn’t all curves, there are plenty of spots where you can shift into high gear and haul ass, but when you get to the curves shift down because that shit will creep up on you.  It’s awesome.  This track is roughly a 1200 meters in the air give or take, i’ve not confirmed that for myself.  Mainly because I kept forgetting to check.  Oh well.  🙂

Along the track you will pass a few small levels.  Last I was there, I believe one level had a playground amusement park or some shit on it.  I saw a few houses, a garden of some sorts and what appeared to be a bike wash of some sort.  Not really sure what it was but I’ll just go with that.

Now at the very top there is a cookie cutter bit of track.  I’m not fond of those, they’re okay but I find them kinda meh.  This track doesn’t need it, but it has one.  Now with this part of the track I did fall off the side and get stuck in the walls.  So the cookie cutter bit was not as well put together as the rest of the track.

So at the bottom of the track there is  the Double Trouble club which has regular djs in it from 4 pm to Midnight SLT six days a week.  They also host concerts and hot strippers, whom i’m told all test clean for STDs.  Fantastic.  There are some shops that are for rent  I don’t know how much they cost you’ll have to ask somebody on the land.  I’ve been told that there will be a full sim wide battlefield there very shortly, as well as skinny dipping.  Could be an interesting combination.  Most of the people I have met from that MC are very decent.  If you wanna rent a shop, talk to Ry, she is the President of the Mc and according to her people she has cooties, likes boogers and is super cute.

I spoke to Ry about this track and complimented her on it.  She discussed with me that she rides a bike in real life and wanted to create a track that bikers would love.  It definately shows in the design of this track.  From what I understand the Devils Reign MC is currently recruiting prospects and if you’re interested contact one of their members and i’m sure they will point you in the right direction.

Go and experience the track, you’ll love it.  If you don’t then go watch porn.

Fuck you i’m Frosty!


2 thoughts on “Double Trouble Track, Devils Reign

  1. Thank you Frosty the Snowman for this awesome review of the Devils Reign MC sim and the Devils Backbone Road. Most everything in your review was on point well expect the part where I have cooties and like boogers lol if you weren’t so cute id have to come kick your ass .. although you may like it way to much. Thank you for taking the time to ride the sim and tell us and others just what you think. We look forward to seeing you around more often and riding your reviews in the future.


    Ryleigh Carnell
    President Devils Reign World


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