For real real not for play play

So remember that girl who called me a fucking dick, than called me two weeks later?  Yeah she’s starting to fade from my memory as well.  We got together a week or so ago on a Wednesday.  We went to the beach and it went down hill from there.  DAMN KIDS EVERYWHERE!  Screaming kids……Every fucking place you look.  So I guess my annoyance factor went through the roof.  I got annoyed, she got annoyed.  She defriended me on Facebook, i’m assuming she’s fisting herself now and frankly I don’t care.  Now i’m not a hard person to get along with… lying, i’m amazing difficult to get along with.  But with that being said, she saw my anxiety rising and chose to ignore it.  I did actually ask nicely to get away from the SCREAMING FUCKING KIDS!  But noooo.  Twat.  She can go fuck herself if she is so inconsiderate.  Now to be fair i’m kinda an asshole but this is my blog so eat me.  🙂

Get Bent bitch – Frosty.


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