Route to Nowhere – Centurion and Templar MC land

Okay so I visited the Templars / Centurions MC land a few times over the past couple of days.  I’ve been there a few times before, but this time was to ride their track and check it out indepth.  The bottom land is very nice, laid out nicely with several structures and surrounded by a very nice mountain view.  They have both their MC’s on the land, there is a bull ride.  That’s a lotta fun but the fucking thing hates me….That bulls a bitch.  There is a 7 seas fishing area, an events stage, shops to look around in.  There is a church if you wanna go bump naughty parts in front of it.  Don’t know if you can go inside, but Jesus is watching you so make it good.  If you so desire to rent a shop and need information on this you can contact 􀀃Illenna Lavender Redfield (Illenna.lavender).  She’s super sweet and willing to help you with your questions.

Okay meat and bones.  On the bottom ground there is a rezz area.  Check the boards around it for information, ride stuff and there is a big fat meaty bastard named Bob you can tip if you so desire.  To start you off you have to go up a Corkscrew.  I think there are 8 or 9 loops of that.  Have I mentioned I really don’t like corkscrews.  Pain in the ass and they’re not fun.  It’s almost better to put a teleport up to the next level and forget about the corkscrew.

Let’s talk about the track itself….  It’s okay…  There are a lot of straight away’ where you can open up your bike and rip ass along the way.  There are curves and corners and tunnels, but there isn’t nearly enough variation for my personal tastes.  The track seems to have been put together in a bit of a rush.  I could be wrong there but along the way I notice a lot of little things.  If you’re paying attention you’ll notice that not all the seams line up.  That bothers me greatly, but again that is just a little room for improvement.  The road is a bit narrow in many areas and if you’re an erratic driver such as I am you tend to bounce off things when you’re fucking around.  The problem with that is, the walls tend to grab onto you and all of a sudden you’re either falling or upfuckingsidedown.  Love that, really..  Along the road there is some decent scenery to check out, you can stop out and look to see the road below you.  There are a lot of opportunities here to really decorate the place up and make it look really sweet.

The second level is nice, there is a dirt road on it, some lovely scenery, another rezz box.  They hold weddings and receptions on this level and it’s very well done.  Up to the next level.  Great and friendly place to hang out, i’m sure you will agree.

The third level is a Urban level and the first few times I went in here I road around in circles wondering where the fucking exit was.  I laughed, I crashed into things and swore a few times.  Success, I like it.  Now a few exploding things would be fun to run into.

Fourth level is a Simbaz Motorz cookie cutter level.  For all intensive purposes this part of the ride is really smooth.  The track is wide, well put together and this is rather fun to ride along.  That being said I am not a fan of cookie cutters but they do have their place and can be a lot of fun.

The bottom, second and third levels have rezz areas for your bikes, I don’t remember seeing one on the cookie cutter.  So if you’re a dipshit and lose your bike fly your happy ass to the rezz area and get your shit back.

Alright if you need something or have questions feel free to send Centurion President Sabi Charisma (Sabi.Charisma)  She is the one I had to end up contacting to get some help.  She is willing to field questions from folks and help to set up rides for your MC.  You can also contact Templars President Spike (Caspike1969) who will be equally helpful.

Okay to sum this up.  The track is alright, an easy right and very light hearted.  If you and your MC need a lazy day Sunday drive then this track is perfect.

Fuck you i’m Frosty!


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