Broken Skull MC

So I had a great ride here today, this was a fantastic track built by the mysterious Ellie.  Only a mystery because I haven’t met her yet.  I did meet a couple of the clubs officers, Jules and Tara.  Tara is my now self appointed stalker.  🙂  These two ladies made me feel at home.  They were very helpful, they answered my questions and we had a great conversation.

Okay let’s talk about the track.

Hand built track which went roughly a 1,000 meters in the air.  There a great balance of curves, straightaways, jumps and yeah a few corkscrews.  We all know i’m not a fan of corkscrews, but on this track you can skip one of them, they have alternate routes in a couple areas.  Now I have to say, the decoration on this track is very well done.  It’s not just some barren wasteland of tubes and tracks.  Ellie put  a lot of thought and effort into making this a great ride, visually as well as smooth.

Started off really nice, went round a few corners and down into the water portion of the track.  FISHIES!  Yeah there were fish, you can’t hit them though but it’s fun to try.  This is nicely laid out and right at the start so bonus there.  Out of the water and up we went to start to climb the track.  Be careful there is a sheep in the middle of the road, the little bastard gets in the way.  If you don’t want blood on your bike avoid him, I call him Lil’ Buttsniffer.  So if you’re anything like me, you’re gonna hit the little shit and it will blow up.  SUCCESS!

Now I will say, I would like to see the walls a different color, cause at the start of the turns I kept bouncing my dumb ass off of them.  Which is fine, cause I make ping ponging a fucking art form.  So yeah I would like to see some a lighter color to show me that i’m about to crash into the wall again.

So if you get tired of riding, you will come acrossed a single solitary bowling alley.  You go up a ramp to the next platform and there it is.  Surprise, now play with the balls.  🙂  Keep riding there is a really fun loop you can go around.  You don’t have to hit it, you can take the easy option and go around it if you so choose but it’s fun to try to make it around going slow and then falling.  I will say this I didn’t fall but I was tempted to just because why the fuck not.

The track goes through a very large aquarium, there is a whale and some other sea creatures in there as well.  Very cool, I’ve ridden a lot of tracks in the time i’ve been in SL but that was a first for me.  I like creative shit folks and little things like this get my attention.  I approve.

There is a vertical ramp you can go up, as well as what could be described as a water slide.  Both are fun, hit them fast and launch your happy ass off the top, see where you land.  Could be fun.  Heh.

Okay now let’s get to the top of the track.  There is a long long race track up there.  Which also is kinda a bitch.  I got 242 seconds on the track, which i’m told was really good for a newbie.  Yup I was called a newbie and I suppose I was.  Now I was racing the track and I kept getting hit by lag spikes.  Jules and Tara were generous and derezzed a few things for me to try and help out but I still had issues.  They told me that the sim needed a restart and it would be better afterwards and i’ll be going back.  So the race track is a blast, and it’s fucking not easy.  I really enjoyed it and I plan on going back several times to check it out again.  As an after thought, I didn’t take off any of my huds or scripts so part of it was me i’m sure but shhhhhh.  🙂

Oh and before I forget, from what I was told Ellie rebuilds portions of the track every couple of weeks to keep it fresh.  That is awesome.  I cannot wait to see what else she has up her mysterious sleeves.

I really have nothing bad to say about this track.  If I wanted to knit pick I could complain about a few seams that are showing in various places, but the track is put together by hand so fuck the few seams.  I would ask that the walls were lighter or a different color to make it easier for my crashing happy ass to see where I am going better.  After I was done I met some of the members and we shot the shit for awhile and had a good time.  Very nice people and i’m looking forward to talking to them again.

Okay with that being said I highly suggest you check this place out, it’s worth your time.  Book your MCs now by talking to BSMC Road Captain- Jules (jujujhb).

– Fuck you i’m Frosty!


2 thoughts on “Broken Skull MC

  1. On behalf of BSMC we thank you for your review of our track. We enjoyed watching you twist and turn and bounce off walls as many of us (yes me) often do in SL.
    The mysterious Ellie you mention would have written this comment but if she did she wouldn’t be so mysterious would she??
    So thanks again for the review and for anyone reading about us…You can either finish reading (pretty good read and so so accurate (cause we are AWESOME) OR just come and see us!
    We are bit crazy and some of us loud but overall a great group to “shoot the shit” with or otherwise!
    -Tara aka Taranimal Zaurak


  2. Ms Ellie isnt all that Mysterious at all more like AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC, ONE OF A KIND yes she is all of these and more .. Yes the track is amazing and one I highly recommend to try alone or with your MC crew. And hey if your lucky you may just run into the “ME” (Mysterious Ellie) if you do tell her I said I love her.

    Ryleigh Carnell
    President Devils Reign World


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