Underwood and Underwood Lake

Well it’s a sweat tastic Tuesday and I was nasty as fuck today at work, so I came home, took a shower and now I’m gonna write a review. I know sexy right?! Yes, yes it is.

Okay today we’re talking about Underwood and Underwood lake.


Okay so I visited this track a few times in the last couple of weeks, and I’ve taken a few rides on it. I have to say it’s very well put together. There is one corkscrew that really isn’t a corkscrew but kinda is….. yeah go ride it you’ll see what I mean. However there are no cookie cutters and it’s all mesh track put together by some designers and the sim owner Sheila Fireguard. Very nicely put together and very pleasing to the eyes.

Okay ground floor. There are shops to rent, there is the Strokers Tavern which hosts Djs, they also have tribute bands that come concerts on the sim as well as chock full of stuff to do and look at. There are all ready several shops scattered throughout the track that have some excellent stores in them. Wouldn’t be a bad thing to stop in and look around. Connected to the ground floor you’ll see the beach area. Feel free to drive over there. Careful of the sim crossing, it’s kinda a cock sucker no matter how gentle you try to be. You know one minute driving over an imaginary line the next moment flying through the air. Fun right. You cross over to the Underwood Lake homestead, where you can relax on the beach, play a game or two, jet ski, bumper boats, do some 7 seas fishing and generally just chill the fuck out from your stressful second life. Make sure you look around there are quite a few sights to take in.

There are 9 levels total here and they’re all very nicely put together. Clearly a lot of thought was put into this and I approve. We all know I like creative shit and this track does a good job keeping it fun to ride and great to look at.

1st level has a cobblestone road , lots of trees to avoid should you go off the beaten path. Oh yeah there is a hobbit hole, if you see Dildo Baggins in there go say hi. Actually the hobbit hole was a nice fun surprise. Don’t usually see that sorta stuff on a biker track. If you wanna go camping there is a fire pit, and a ratty camper. Try not to get tetanus looking at it.

2nd level is a level for shops and there is a game room to enjoy. Bowling! TOUCH THE BALLS!

3rd level greets you with a Mesh Head store right at the top. There is a big swimming area, and a childrens playground There is also a spot to park your bikes and relax.

4th level there is a small HDCC bike shop to check out as well as a nice Race track. This is a fun little race, I had a blast on it. I’m sure you will as well.

5th level is a country western themed level, so if you wanna ride a horse or ride your significant other, well than put your spurs on and rock out with your bad self. There is a spot on this platform where you can summon a horse and ride around with it.

6th level has Mitches house of Grunts…… What sort of grunts. Like heavy labor or hot sexy time? Not sure, but it could have potential to be a strip club or something. That would be rather fun. This is sort of a futuristic area to ride in. I like the way there are slightly different themes to check out.

7th level is another Racetrack, also rather fun to ride, there are several unexpected drops in it. Which is just fun. Again, I love unexpected shit and this was really fun for me.There is a small shop here where you can buy some tight biker outfits.

8th level is an oasis, nice sandy area with some watering holes, a campfire to chill around. There is also a small area for kids again. Not sure if they’re expecting a lot of kids on the sim, but hey it’s here.

Over all this track was a fun ride, lots of shit to look at and very nicely laid out. I think you all will enjoy it. It’s 9 levels total, 2100 meters in the air and it’s all mesh track put together by hand. I will ride this track again and highly suggest you do it as well.

And that’s the bottom line cause fuck you i’m Frosty!


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