Criminally Insane MC

Criminally Insane MC


So I went and visited the good people at the Criminally Insane MC. I was pleasantly surprised when I popped in there one morning before RL work and saw a few old friends chilling out. Turns out I know several people in this MC, they’re all decent people. Make sure you say hello to them when you pop over.

Okay first off you land right next to the Rezz area. The club house / and MC party barn is located right here as well. As well as a circle of chairs around a fire pit. Also if you’re friendly with the MC why don’t you see if you can get your colors raised on a flag pole. You will have to ask Tracy Groves VP and or Outcast who is the President of the club.

Also Mind your Ps and Qs, the Sgt at Arms Aingeal has her own office and there is a jail cell and from what I understand nightly cavity searches regardless if you need them or not do happen. Sounds like a date to me.

I spoke to Tucker, and he and I had a good conversation. He was very helpful and answered all my questions. One thing we talked about is that their MC is always recruiting and they strive to be more of a family instead of just a huge MC boasting big numbers. Like I said I know several people in this organization and I agree, they’re good people and you should go say hello….and bring cookies and or pot. πŸ™‚

If you like them dirty ladies and muddy tits and naughty parts well there is a Mud wrestling pit you can take a dip into and get all dirty and then take a fap break. There is also a bull riding game and I know from experience that three horned bastard is a bit of a dink. there is also a current events wall dedicated to a few causes, stop by and ponder how good you really have it. This MC fully supports the search for a cure for SMA. Which is a Spinal Muscular Atrophy and it’s a cause near and dear to their hearts. Make sure you help out and donate to the cause. It is a worthy one indeed.

Okay let’s start off on the track.. First take a loop around and check it out, watch out for the rain fall. It makes things slip and if you’re going to fast well you will go off the side of the track and fall. Trust me I did it. Epic failure dude. I totally need a pink hello kitty helmet with sparkles on it. (Shout out to da Panda) πŸ™‚ But seriously I go like a bat out of hell sometimes just to see where I fall through and yeah my dumb ass constantly went off the side of the track. I fell a lot…. Damnit.

The first part of the track brings you around the sim heading upwards. There are no guard rails you will fall if you go off the edge. So A: learn how to drive, that includes me, or B: slow the fuck down which also goes for me. πŸ™‚ It brings you up to a Simbaz level and once you wind your way to the main area you’re going to come to their concert area where they hosts artist twice a month and a comedy show every Tuesday night. They have a lot of open space area up here for a shop or a special event, you can stop in and inquire. Continuing up a little further on the track you’re going to come to a murder ball arena, where you get your murder on and murder murder and oh murder….. Edit. I was told this was a Biker Ball Arena and murder is not allowed. Well shit. I was also told that no, they wouldn’t allow murder even for a special occasion. Awwww pout..

As you go on and upwards you’re going to come to a sweet area with a lot of foliage, trees and plants. If you bang a hard right just after the the foliage is done you’re going to find the 7 Seas fishing area. They hold fishing events twice a month on Thursdays. Pretty sweet, and I do have a few fishing rods. They aren’t just for poking and annoying people with. Unless you sink the hook into them, then you apologize while laughing your tits off.

If you’re into paint ball well they have an area for that as well, and I really need to try it. I’ve done it in RL, almost got shot in the dick. Never will I play without a cup ever again. Just saying.

Okay with that being said. Time for the bad stuff. Simbaz are decent tracks and they serve a good purpose. However once you’ve rode one you’ve road them all. Also you know how cranky I get on seams not lining up and there are a few here. They also have a lot of room here so it could be a good thing if they did more twists and turns. as you travel up. Also maybe some guard rails on the lower part leading upwards, so my dumb ass can bounce off them instead of falling off the side again. πŸ™‚ Over all this was a good ride. I would love to see it expanded and made longer. I love long rides and I love to explore tracks. But overall this is a good track and you will enjoy it. From what Tucker told me later on they are constantly changing certain things to keep it fresh. So that’s awesome, I look forward to going back and checking it out again.

See that wasn’t so painful – The Doctor Frosty. Oh yeah and Fuck.


Legends MC, Kings Canyon

Owner – Jairus Silvercloud

Road Captain – Angel Martin-Doobie

Okay let’s talk about the Legends MC at Kings Canyon. What a great ride this was for an unfinished track. Depending on your speed it takes roughly 10 to 15 minutes to get to the top and it’s absolutely full of things to look at. At the base where you rezz into the track you have the Silvercloud bike shop. The owner of the track Jairus Silvercloud makes his own bikes and sells them for your riding pleasure. The vendor also allows you to demo certain bikes for free so check that shit out. On the other side of the rezz area is a big lodge. Inside it shows some history of the Legends MC and from what I’ve been told it will be expanded upon as time goes on. You know like history often does. If you take a look around you’ll see a Please feed the bears sign next to a bear. I hear he goes for the crotch when you feed him, ladies. Peanut butter….Just saying. Well or steak sauce, be adventurous. πŸ™‚

So let’s go up the track, you are going to enjoy the scene, it’s full of redwoods, a nice scenic area where you can pull off and enjoy a firepit and a few beers. If you take the time to look around you’re going to enjoy a very pleasant view of the falls. The redwood grove is well done and sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Just enjoy this track there are a ton of twists and turns and a lot of variety, you will smack into a few walls…..well I did at least, but let’s not act surprised by that. One good thing to say about this track is that I never fell through it anywhere. Also the seams line up, every thing looks great and I can really find no flaws in it. Damnit!

Now keep on going up the track you find a nice log cabin where they host DJ’s, live concerts and a large open space where you can hold custom events for whatever twisted things your minds come up with Freaks.

As you continue along the track you’re gonna find the crystal caves which hosts another race track. Cause why not damnit. You’re gonna dig it. There is another scenic point kinda hidden out of the way, you’re going to like this area. Chill out and check out the crystals everywhere. So after you roar around this track you are at the end of your current ride, well unless you go down. You will pass an exit upwards but that is blocked off for now. He’s told me that he will be opening that up in the next couple of weeks. Be on the look out for this you’re gonna enjoy it. He also told me that he’s planning on doing another expansion later on and I’m looking forward to that as well.

Okay so this is a great track so far, fun to ride, good to look at. I can’t wait for it to be longer. Make sure you bring your friends, and MC families here to enjoy this place. You will want to come back. I’ve ridden the track four times now I think.

That’s all for now, Fuck ’em if you got ’em! – Frosty

Hells Aces Mc


Okay so today I roade the Hells Aces MC track.

I wanna say this is a good solid ride. I have ridden it twice now and at first I thought it was kinda bleak, and then I paid better attention and I realized that there was really quite a bit to look at. I was pleasantly surprised and glad I didn’t write it off.

Okay so this track was made from scratch byΒ Nite Planer Β who is the MC’s Vice President. I wanna say this, the track had no corkscrews, no cookie cutters and all the seams lined up. I was a happy fucking camper. You know my attitude when it comes to riding tracks.

So let’s start off at the bottom. This is where they house their MC, there is a urban area you can explore and don’t forget to take a dip in the refreshing green water of the pool, where you can collect a boutique of hepatitis, some used condoms and some rusty needles. I know I know you’re saying “Hey Frosty! It’s not Christmas!!” And I’m gonna tell you to enjoy yourself anyway…. Or maybe i’ll just tell you to put the needle in your dick hole ferris! Either way it’s a party.

Okay let’s ride up the track now, and keep your eyes peeled there is a lot of little stuff to look at. As you make your way up the road you’re gonna find a lot of mini platforms where they had members do some decorating. So they’re all going to be quite a bit different. Which is pretty awesome. A group effort is the best way to go that way everybody has a say and a hand in it. Nobody feels left out. Well unless they’re probies, then who cares right? Heh

At 1308 there is a little turn off where you can get out and rest if you want to . There is a small camp ground and a cave to explore with a small water fall. Now i’m not sure where that water is coming from, but what the hell it looks cool.. πŸ™‚

At 1581 there is a bowling alley, another rezz area, looks like a shooting range….incidentily I believe I own that very one myself. Nice small platform. Now if you’re not paying attention like I wasn’t paying attention you’ll drive right past the left hand turn and come to a stop. Keep your eyes peeled they do that a couple times if you’re not paying attention, which is great because I love shit that catches you off guard. On this section there is also a pool table and what looks like it’s a Zombie outbreak area. Killing shit is never a bad thing. SWEET!

Now out of the pixel blue yonder I came acrossed a small section where you pass through some iron gates and on a very short cobble stone path with a small duck pond. Now from what I understand you should always feed alka seltzer to the ducks they love that shit.

Like the fucking oasis at 1906 Meters in the air. Well I’m not sure if you can fuck there but if you bring your own poseballs have it. Drive it to pound town yo! If you’re not paying attention you’ll think you’re at the end. Well you’re not. Look around and you’ll see the turn off to go up further.

Eventually you will reach the top, but do yourslef a favor and go back down and enjoy the ride. There really is some good stuff to see and it’s well worth it.

On small thing, because I have a tendancy to ping pong and drag my face up the wall, I would have liked to have seen the track a little wider. But you know if I wasn’t screwing around so much I would have driven better. However I like to have fun and see where or if I can fall through the sides.

Enjoy this ride folks I know i’ll be back

Get fucked! I’m Frosty!

Wild Girls MC

Okay so i’ve been to the Wild girls MC a couple of times. It’s an interesting ride but I do have some gripes about it unfortunately. I’ll get to those later.


It was an interesting ride but I need to stress some things if you bring your MC over. It’s an all Female MC connected to several Female online sims. Men are allowed to ride the track and explore a bit but there are some women only area. As much as I think that’s silly an uncalled for it’s their property so please respect their wishes. Okay let’s ride the track.

The bottom part of the sim is very nicely put together and it looks good. Except for the roads. the biggest beef I have with this track is that the seams do not line up, almost every where you look you can see seems or textures that aren’t lined up with each other. That is my biggest bitch about this Sim. They could do so much just by making a few adjustments.

On the bottom floor there are quite a few stores to look at, there are places to rent if you wanna set up shop and being that it’s a womens only MC you might wanna have a vagina if you would like to rent here.

The trip up this track is alright, it’s got a lot of straight aways for you to open your bike up and blast full speed into the wall should you feel so inclined to do so. There is a nice variety to this track and it isn’t boring in my humble opinion.

Don’t laugh you assholes I know I said humble…. dicks….

Okay now on of the cool things that made me chuckle is right after the detour, if you listen closely you can hear banjos and piggy noises. RUN FERRIS RUN! Well so far I haven’t had anybody run after me at this part but i’m not taking any chances.

Seriously I love shit that explodes in the road. the more blood we can spatter from hitting bambi or these fucking sheep in the road the better.

Right after you get out of the Deliverance area you get to go on a nice ride next to some water before you hit back on the main road and continue roaring your happy ass up the highway.. About 568 meters in the air you’ll come to the concert area, where they have tribute bands play on a regular basis. Pretty cool actually., and music is always a good thing. If you stay on the road you’ll miss one of the cool little things they have here. Right behind the wall they have some animated textures of some naked ladies rubbing their tits on marble columns. I approve… know cause tits.

At 610 Meters you’ll pass by it if you’re not careful, but this is an MC so there will be a shooting range. I’m gonna come back and check it out because who doesn’t love shooting things. πŸ™‚ Stay on the road past the shooting range and continue on you’ll come to a right hand turn. There is a mini putt putt down there you can explore. This is a great concept, I wish they had used some other textures rather than just using system colors. Makes it hard to look at the bland shapes when they look so terrible. If they put some effort into this area it could be a shit load of fun. Now one draw back is when you drop down the hole at the end it puts you back a bit on the track and you’ll have to reclimb the track, so if you don’t wanna wrestle with that avoid the putt putt for now. Also there is a sim crossing there so prepare to make like an elastic.

And upwards friends to the next area. It’s a quick ride through a forest….. This spot needs some help. Textures, road, trees it all needs work. It is nice because it adds to the length of the track though. Now there area a couple spots you can get off your bike and relax with your significant other if you would like. Nobody will think to look for you here.

Okay at 749 Meters in the air, there is a shiny obstacle course. This is fun and not very easy. Bring your probies here if they’re new to bikes, it will be fun to watch them struggle. There is a quite a bit to do here and it’s a challenge even for a veteran rider. Way to go ladies this was fun. Also at this level is the MC’s first race track. Get on there and set a top ten score Ladies and Gentlemen. Do be careful, part of the track is right next to a sim crossing and if you’re hit it just right you’re uber boned and might as well just start over.

At 848 Meters there is a Movie theater where from what I understand they play some rather current movies on a regular basis. This second of the track is fantastic, I wish the whole track was built out of this type of road. It’s well put together and it looks much nicer. I don’t see nearly the same issues with this road like I saw with the one from earlier. Textures look better, pieces are fit better together. It looks better by so much, they would do well from using this track everywhere.

At 957 Meters you come to the Thunderstruck track as well as the Fast and wide track just a little further up the road.

Unfortunately it doesn’t take long to get back to the original style track again, and back with the same issues I mentioned before. Keep going up the track and there is a fourth track, I missed the name of it though, and I don’t see a sign anywhere, but maybe it’s just not rezzed for me. I came to a spot on the track around 1286. Pretty sure it’s a residential area but it could be their sandbox. It’s not part of the track so don’t go onto it.

At 1412 Meters I found the serpentine track, that’s number five on this sim, so I’m happy that they’re continuously giving the riders something to check out. That is really important for me to see. Now they do a lot of Sim crossings here and at times they’re really close together, such as in the case at 1468 meters in the are, there are two sim crossings within like 2 seconds. There is also another track here if you wanna check it out.

Directly after that we have a very side cork screw. I don’t hate it. You know me folks, I am not a fan of the fucking corkscrews but this one is wide enough where you’re not rubbing your face off the side or ping ponging up it. So Kudos ladies to having a corkscrew I do not hate. :

After the corkscrew there is a slight ride up to a dead end at 1500 feet give or take. Where they’ve put an under construction side. So come back soon and lets see what the ladies have for us next.

Okay so let’s finish this up. I road this track several times and really I do like it, but it needs some work. I expected it to be prettier run by a lot of women, and incidentily I didn’t see one rainbow. Heh. I do reccommend this track and you will enjoy it. Please respect their privacy though and enjoy your ride.

Fuck you i’m Frosty!

Gathering Mysts

Gathering Mysts

Hi folks, been meaning to write this review for a couple weeks been kinda busy so here it is.

The Gathering Mysts, is a very decent and well put together track. Full of little surprises here and there for you to find. I mean that is half the fun isn’t it. Searching for the little hidden gems.

The Gathering Mysts has several premade tracks on top of each other. Now I am not normally not a huge fan of premade, but Nvr2old Barrowstone and Betara Brandenburg-Barrowstone have taken them, added a lot of custom track areas and made quite an enjoyable ride.

You’ll see a few empty spots here as well, they can be set up to host parties, weddings and whatever. Swing by and see what you can do.

On the bottom level you rezz in front of the GM Road house, this is a nice well put together bar where you can play a game of pool and listen to Nvr2old likes to DJ on occasion. There are also two pinball machines and a dart board. I’ve never tried either of these games on SL but I do mean to come back and check it out soon.

Outside of the bar acrossed the road they have cleared out a spot where there are some barrels and stumps you can sit on and enjoy a fire with some friends. Check it out and don’t annoy the gorilla. He’ll rip your arms off and bludgeon the dick snot right out of you with your own bleeding limbs. Sounds like you should bring the kids here for pictures. πŸ™‚

Now you will see a couple houses in the background, those are the personal residences so please respect their privacy and at least try not to be obvious about snooping around. Actually Nvr2old says you can look around, but suggesting you play nice kids and change the sheets. πŸ™‚

I like the lay of the land here, they really took some time and arranged things to look great. The ground floor has a nice waterfall you can chill out near as you travel around the bottom of the sim on the road you’ll see it. I have been back to this track four times now since I’ve started writing this. It also changes a bit on a regular basis, because his wife loves to decorate.

Okay time to start up the track. You’ll really enjoy this part of the track it’s nice and curvy. You will come to a fork in the road. If you bear right there is a nasty little steep hill that you’ll have to get a good running start to launch yourself up it. If you take the left you’ll go up the easy way. If you hit it fast enough you can land on the road above it. So AIM for the stars bitches!

Okay so you hit the first Simbaz up top, now if you’ve seen one Simbaz you’ve seen them all, they work nicely for what they are. What is fun here is the little extras that have been added for you to keep an eye out. I don’t wanna ruin them for you but I did get some laughs out of some of the stuff I saw. There is a nice desert sim surround up here to add to the ambiance of the place.

By the way how is your balance beam act?

So we’re up to the next level and supposedly there is a mine shaft here……I can’t fucking find it. Damn it. this level has a few things to watch out for so keep your eyes peeled. Oh hey found the mind shaft…….Eat me.

Okay so there is a pseudo corkscrew coming up to bring you up to the next level. so bare right to go up, and take the left if you wanna go back down. Fucking corkscrews I always eat the walls on these no matter how easy they’re suppose to be.

Okay the next level, how do you like your lamb and steak? Just curious is all, no real reason. I like this level there is a lot more green on it. Now it would be nice to see some different trees on here. I’m sure these are stock but I think there are some better ones out there perhaps. Okay there are some more open areas here if you wanna pull off and get naked on the back of your bike with your significant other. Just please be careful of hot pipes. Loud pipes save lives, hot pipes cauterize.

However if you do get a burn there is a spot on the road later on your can wash your bodies and bikes off.. So you will see a lot of empty spots on this land, but as we all know prim counts are bullshit and restrictive but what can you do but manage how much shit you put out.

Getting ready to replace my face cause you know another Corkscrew.

Okay at the very top of the track you’ll be up 1081 meters in the air.. Make sure you pull over and check out the little gas station and the constant thunder cloud in the distance. It’s a cool visual I like it and I think you will as well. There are some dance balls up here if you wanna juat have a nice hot sweaty dance with your partner. You can tongue the bugs outta each others teeth, now that’s commitment There is a race track up here you can zip around…..well it’s a track on the main road, you can figure it out. Be careful of zipping around this track and hitting the sides, I did get sucked in and fell down quite a bit and had to ind my way out

On the way back down keep an eye out for more sites. There are also some jumps that you can seriously over shoot yourself and end up at the end of that portion of the track. There is a suggestion to improve this portion of the track, I’m not gonna say what it is, but I think it will be hilarious and wanna see the results.

Seriously keep a good eye out for some fun shit to see. Okay at this point we’re almost down to the end of the track and remember that wicked climb I mentioned well now it’s a bad ass jump, hit it hard people. Hit it like it owes you this months rent.

Okay I like this ride, it’s a lot of fun for me and I know others who’ve ridden it and they enjoy it as well. But there are a few small items I want to address. There are lot of seams that are close but not correctly lined up. Drives me crazy but I look for some sort of consistency with the tracks and some of these don’t line up worth a damn, but that is a small gripe because it doesn’t take away from the overall experience of the ride just some of the visual. Speaking of visual, some of the stock trees could use to be replaced. Β Or remove some of them altogether Β because there is a shit ton and they could put more track in or add to the surprises that are there.

Over all I really like the track. The owners are very pleasant people, so check this place out you will not regret it.

Fuck you I’m Frosty!

Eternal Knights MC & Track

Welcome to the home of the Eternal Knights

Spoke to some very nice women named Alecio and Winnie, who are both Senior officers with the Eternal Knights MC. A family orientated MC, they allow child AVs and are considered a moderate MC. These two ladies were very nice to me and very willing to go for a ride and show me the sights. There is quite a bit of stuff to see so keep your eyes peels and you’ll enjoy yourself. If you see them say hi, just don’t piss them off, they’re the ones who bury the probies.

Okay let’s talk about the first level, there are a bunch of things to look at so get cracking at it. First off there are some camels kicking around. That is what I like, random shit like Camels on your sim, it’s great. Incidentily it’s right next to a playground for some kids, I don’t see kids currently so one can only come to a conclusion that the camels ate the little booger eaters and shit them out. Wouldn’t that be a bitch…..or funny depending on how you look at it. There is a fucking bronco…..sorry Bucking bronco, he wants you to get on him and ride. RIDE LIKE YOU’VE NEVER RIDDEN BEFORE.

They have a small prospect graveyard with a pet vulture. I’m guessing that they’ve had some failures who didn’t pass the rectal exam and well now they’re six feet under with their asses in the air so the members have a spot to park their bikes.

There are three bowling lanes if you want to peel your pixels outta your biker boots and into some bowling shoes and compete with your friends you’re more than welcome to it. Along with the on site game room they have several board games and from what i’ve heard there is a lot crying when people lose. I mean I could be making that up but hey consider that to be part of creative license. Heh

There is a store called Xtasy Sleds, looks like they do some custom, hand made low prim non mesh bikes. I saw some steam coming outta one of those motherfuckers I swear it. Also There is a Vtwins motorcycles shop, some clothes shops and several other stores that you can take a look into. If you wanna go to a shooting range, well look no further, they have one here. Actually it looks like they have two, a traditional one and what looks like to be one disguised as a police station. There is a lot of good shit on this sim, come check this shit out, you’ll love it.

Make your way up the track to the second level. There is a fantastic memorial to the unknown soldier. Surrounded by all the state flags. At the back there is the Eternal flame that sits in front of a Memorial wall, and if you want to take a seat and reflect on past loved ones you’ve known. There is a seat by a refreshing fountain that will allow you to just sit, relax and honor the Veterans of this great nation. On a side note I love LOVE seeing things that honor the veterans. I love patriotism and anything that honors this great nation. I wish more people would do this it shows great respect for the country you live in.

Let’s continue up to the next level. Right there in all it’s glory is the Devastation Arena, home of Championship boxing. They have events every two weeks on Friday at 1700 hours. Come on over and compete or just watch the competitors bludgeon the shit outta each other.. Everybody loves violence!

Moving along up the track to the next bit. You come up to a race track, the first of two tracks on this sim. I can tell you by experience that this track is fairly fun, kind of a bitch to try and beat the top score though, just be warned you will bounce your face off the corners trying.

To the next level along the track is a spot where they like to use it for various things. They have a drive in there currently while i’m writing this and I know they’ve had a wedding and reception here as well. They have told me they do themed events, concerts and have DJ’s So this is the general purpose level. I don’t actually think that is the real name of it, but I coined it so I get royalties right? Prolly not….shit.

Okay up a little further and you have the current top of the track and it’s the second of two tracks on this sim. Also this track is equally fun as the first one. First time I made my way around the track I had to get a new skin because I dragged my face along the fucking walls so much trying to do a decent time on the board. It was fun. I was also in conference with a couple of the officers from the MC and they were of course getting a belly laugh off of my poor coordination..

Okay over all this is a nice track, originally I thought it was all premade but I’m wrong and i’m happy to say that. Sure the two race tracks are premade but that is acceptable and alright in my book. The rest of the track is a nicely put together track that is a great leisurely ride. It has a lot of potential and room to grow and I Look forward to seeing more of it.

Don’t forget to pee on the Probies! – Frostylicious!