Eternal Knights MC & Track

Welcome to the home of the Eternal Knights

Spoke to some very nice women named Alecio and Winnie, who are both Senior officers with the Eternal Knights MC. A family orientated MC, they allow child AVs and are considered a moderate MC. These two ladies were very nice to me and very willing to go for a ride and show me the sights. There is quite a bit of stuff to see so keep your eyes peels and you’ll enjoy yourself. If you see them say hi, just don’t piss them off, they’re the ones who bury the probies.

Okay let’s talk about the first level, there are a bunch of things to look at so get cracking at it. First off there are some camels kicking around. That is what I like, random shit like Camels on your sim, it’s great. Incidentily it’s right next to a playground for some kids, I don’t see kids currently so one can only come to a conclusion that the camels ate the little booger eaters and shit them out. Wouldn’t that be a bitch…..or funny depending on how you look at it. There is a fucking bronco…..sorry Bucking bronco, he wants you to get on him and ride. RIDE LIKE YOU’VE NEVER RIDDEN BEFORE.

They have a small prospect graveyard with a pet vulture. I’m guessing that they’ve had some failures who didn’t pass the rectal exam and well now they’re six feet under with their asses in the air so the members have a spot to park their bikes.

There are three bowling lanes if you want to peel your pixels outta your biker boots and into some bowling shoes and compete with your friends you’re more than welcome to it. Along with the on site game room they have several board games and from what i’ve heard there is a lot crying when people lose. I mean I could be making that up but hey consider that to be part of creative license. Heh

There is a store called Xtasy Sleds, looks like they do some custom, hand made low prim non mesh bikes. I saw some steam coming outta one of those motherfuckers I swear it. Also There is a Vtwins motorcycles shop, some clothes shops and several other stores that you can take a look into. If you wanna go to a shooting range, well look no further, they have one here. Actually it looks like they have two, a traditional one and what looks like to be one disguised as a police station. There is a lot of good shit on this sim, come check this shit out, you’ll love it.

Make your way up the track to the second level. There is a fantastic memorial to the unknown soldier. Surrounded by all the state flags. At the back there is the Eternal flame that sits in front of a Memorial wall, and if you want to take a seat and reflect on past loved ones you’ve known. There is a seat by a refreshing fountain that will allow you to just sit, relax and honor the Veterans of this great nation. On a side note I love LOVE seeing things that honor the veterans. I love patriotism and anything that honors this great nation. I wish more people would do this it shows great respect for the country you live in.

Let’s continue up to the next level. Right there in all it’s glory is the Devastation Arena, home of Championship boxing. They have events every two weeks on Friday at 1700 hours. Come on over and compete or just watch the competitors bludgeon the shit outta each other.. Everybody loves violence!

Moving along up the track to the next bit. You come up to a race track, the first of two tracks on this sim. I can tell you by experience that this track is fairly fun, kind of a bitch to try and beat the top score though, just be warned you will bounce your face off the corners trying.

To the next level along the track is a spot where they like to use it for various things. They have a drive in there currently while i’m writing this and I know they’ve had a wedding and reception here as well. They have told me they do themed events, concerts and have DJ’s So this is the general purpose level. I don’t actually think that is the real name of it, but I coined it so I get royalties right? Prolly not….shit.

Okay up a little further and you have the current top of the track and it’s the second of two tracks on this sim. Also this track is equally fun as the first one. First time I made my way around the track I had to get a new skin because I dragged my face along the fucking walls so much trying to do a decent time on the board. It was fun. I was also in conference with a couple of the officers from the MC and they were of course getting a belly laugh off of my poor coordination..

Okay over all this is a nice track, originally I thought it was all premade but I’m wrong and i’m happy to say that. Sure the two race tracks are premade but that is acceptable and alright in my book. The rest of the track is a nicely put together track that is a great leisurely ride. It has a lot of potential and room to grow and I Look forward to seeing more of it.

Don’t forget to pee on the Probies! – Frostylicious!


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