Gathering Mysts

Gathering Mysts

Hi folks, been meaning to write this review for a couple weeks been kinda busy so here it is.

The Gathering Mysts, is a very decent and well put together track. Full of little surprises here and there for you to find. I mean that is half the fun isn’t it. Searching for the little hidden gems.

The Gathering Mysts has several premade tracks on top of each other. Now I am not normally not a huge fan of premade, but Nvr2old Barrowstone and Betara Brandenburg-Barrowstone have taken them, added a lot of custom track areas and made quite an enjoyable ride.

You’ll see a few empty spots here as well, they can be set up to host parties, weddings and whatever. Swing by and see what you can do.

On the bottom level you rezz in front of the GM Road house, this is a nice well put together bar where you can play a game of pool and listen to Nvr2old likes to DJ on occasion. There are also two pinball machines and a dart board. I’ve never tried either of these games on SL but I do mean to come back and check it out soon.

Outside of the bar acrossed the road they have cleared out a spot where there are some barrels and stumps you can sit on and enjoy a fire with some friends. Check it out and don’t annoy the gorilla. He’ll rip your arms off and bludgeon the dick snot right out of you with your own bleeding limbs. Sounds like you should bring the kids here for pictures. 🙂

Now you will see a couple houses in the background, those are the personal residences so please respect their privacy and at least try not to be obvious about snooping around. Actually Nvr2old says you can look around, but suggesting you play nice kids and change the sheets. 🙂

I like the lay of the land here, they really took some time and arranged things to look great. The ground floor has a nice waterfall you can chill out near as you travel around the bottom of the sim on the road you’ll see it. I have been back to this track four times now since I’ve started writing this. It also changes a bit on a regular basis, because his wife loves to decorate.

Okay time to start up the track. You’ll really enjoy this part of the track it’s nice and curvy. You will come to a fork in the road. If you bear right there is a nasty little steep hill that you’ll have to get a good running start to launch yourself up it. If you take the left you’ll go up the easy way. If you hit it fast enough you can land on the road above it. So AIM for the stars bitches!

Okay so you hit the first Simbaz up top, now if you’ve seen one Simbaz you’ve seen them all, they work nicely for what they are. What is fun here is the little extras that have been added for you to keep an eye out. I don’t wanna ruin them for you but I did get some laughs out of some of the stuff I saw. There is a nice desert sim surround up here to add to the ambiance of the place.

By the way how is your balance beam act?

So we’re up to the next level and supposedly there is a mine shaft here……I can’t fucking find it. Damn it. this level has a few things to watch out for so keep your eyes peeled. Oh hey found the mind shaft…….Eat me.

Okay so there is a pseudo corkscrew coming up to bring you up to the next level. so bare right to go up, and take the left if you wanna go back down. Fucking corkscrews I always eat the walls on these no matter how easy they’re suppose to be.

Okay the next level, how do you like your lamb and steak? Just curious is all, no real reason. I like this level there is a lot more green on it. Now it would be nice to see some different trees on here. I’m sure these are stock but I think there are some better ones out there perhaps. Okay there are some more open areas here if you wanna pull off and get naked on the back of your bike with your significant other. Just please be careful of hot pipes. Loud pipes save lives, hot pipes cauterize.

However if you do get a burn there is a spot on the road later on your can wash your bodies and bikes off.. So you will see a lot of empty spots on this land, but as we all know prim counts are bullshit and restrictive but what can you do but manage how much shit you put out.

Getting ready to replace my face cause you know another Corkscrew.

Okay at the very top of the track you’ll be up 1081 meters in the air.. Make sure you pull over and check out the little gas station and the constant thunder cloud in the distance. It’s a cool visual I like it and I think you will as well. There are some dance balls up here if you wanna juat have a nice hot sweaty dance with your partner. You can tongue the bugs outta each others teeth, now that’s commitment There is a race track up here you can zip around…..well it’s a track on the main road, you can figure it out. Be careful of zipping around this track and hitting the sides, I did get sucked in and fell down quite a bit and had to ind my way out

On the way back down keep an eye out for more sites. There are also some jumps that you can seriously over shoot yourself and end up at the end of that portion of the track. There is a suggestion to improve this portion of the track, I’m not gonna say what it is, but I think it will be hilarious and wanna see the results.

Seriously keep a good eye out for some fun shit to see. Okay at this point we’re almost down to the end of the track and remember that wicked climb I mentioned well now it’s a bad ass jump, hit it hard people. Hit it like it owes you this months rent.

Okay I like this ride, it’s a lot of fun for me and I know others who’ve ridden it and they enjoy it as well. But there are a few small items I want to address. There are lot of seams that are close but not correctly lined up. Drives me crazy but I look for some sort of consistency with the tracks and some of these don’t line up worth a damn, but that is a small gripe because it doesn’t take away from the overall experience of the ride just some of the visual. Speaking of visual, some of the stock trees could use to be replaced.  Or remove some of them altogether  because there is a shit ton and they could put more track in or add to the surprises that are there.

Over all I really like the track. The owners are very pleasant people, so check this place out you will not regret it.

Fuck you I’m Frosty!


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