Wild Girls MC

Okay so i’ve been to the Wild girls MC a couple of times. It’s an interesting ride but I do have some gripes about it unfortunately. I’ll get to those later.


It was an interesting ride but I need to stress some things if you bring your MC over. It’s an all Female MC connected to several Female online sims. Men are allowed to ride the track and explore a bit but there are some women only area. As much as I think that’s silly an uncalled for it’s their property so please respect their wishes. Okay let’s ride the track.

The bottom part of the sim is very nicely put together and it looks good. Except for the roads. the biggest beef I have with this track is that the seams do not line up, almost every where you look you can see seems or textures that aren’t lined up with each other. That is my biggest bitch about this Sim. They could do so much just by making a few adjustments.

On the bottom floor there are quite a few stores to look at, there are places to rent if you wanna set up shop and being that it’s a womens only MC you might wanna have a vagina if you would like to rent here.

The trip up this track is alright, it’s got a lot of straight aways for you to open your bike up and blast full speed into the wall should you feel so inclined to do so. There is a nice variety to this track and it isn’t boring in my humble opinion.

Don’t laugh you assholes I know I said humble…. dicks….

Okay now on of the cool things that made me chuckle is right after the detour, if you listen closely you can hear banjos and piggy noises. RUN FERRIS RUN! Well so far I haven’t had anybody run after me at this part but i’m not taking any chances.

Seriously I love shit that explodes in the road. the more blood we can spatter from hitting bambi or these fucking sheep in the road the better.

Right after you get out of the Deliverance area you get to go on a nice ride next to some water before you hit back on the main road and continue roaring your happy ass up the highway.. About 568 meters in the air you’ll come to the concert area, where they have tribute bands play on a regular basis. Pretty cool actually., and music is always a good thing. If you stay on the road you’ll miss one of the cool little things they have here. Right behind the wall they have some animated textures of some naked ladies rubbing their tits on marble columns. I approve…..you know cause tits.

At 610 Meters you’ll pass by it if you’re not careful, but this is an MC so there will be a shooting range. I’m gonna come back and check it out because who doesn’t love shooting things. ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay on the road past the shooting range and continue on you’ll come to a right hand turn. There is a mini putt putt down there you can explore. This is a great concept, I wish they had used some other textures rather than just using system colors. Makes it hard to look at the bland shapes when they look so terrible. If they put some effort into this area it could be a shit load of fun. Now one draw back is when you drop down the hole at the end it puts you back a bit on the track and you’ll have to reclimb the track, so if you don’t wanna wrestle with that avoid the putt putt for now. Also there is a sim crossing there so prepare to make like an elastic.

And upwards friends to the next area. It’s a quick ride through a forest….. This spot needs some help. Textures, road, trees it all needs work. It is nice because it adds to the length of the track though. Now there area a couple spots you can get off your bike and relax with your significant other if you would like. Nobody will think to look for you here.

Okay at 749 Meters in the air, there is a shiny obstacle course. This is fun and not very easy. Bring your probies here if they’re new to bikes, it will be fun to watch them struggle. There is a quite a bit to do here and it’s a challenge even for a veteran rider. Way to go ladies this was fun. Also at this level is the MC’s first race track. Get on there and set a top ten score Ladies and Gentlemen. Do be careful, part of the track is right next to a sim crossing and if you’re hit it just right you’re uber boned and might as well just start over.

At 848 Meters there is a Movie theater where from what I understand they play some rather current movies on a regular basis. This second of the track is fantastic, I wish the whole track was built out of this type of road. It’s well put together and it looks much nicer. I don’t see nearly the same issues with this road like I saw with the one from earlier. Textures look better, pieces are fit better together. It looks better by so much, they would do well from using this track everywhere.

At 957 Meters you come to the Thunderstruck track as well as the Fast and wide track just a little further up the road.

Unfortunately it doesn’t take long to get back to the original style track again, and back with the same issues I mentioned before. Keep going up the track and there is a fourth track, I missed the name of it though, and I don’t see a sign anywhere, but maybe it’s just not rezzed for me. I came to a spot on the track around 1286. Pretty sure it’s a residential area but it could be their sandbox. It’s not part of the track so don’t go onto it.

At 1412 Meters I found the serpentine track, that’s number five on this sim, so I’m happy that they’re continuously giving the riders something to check out. That is really important for me to see. Now they do a lot of Sim crossings here and at times they’re really close together, such as in the case at 1468 meters in the are, there are two sim crossings within like 2 seconds. There is also another track here if you wanna check it out.

Directly after that we have a very side cork screw. I don’t hate it. You know me folks, I am not a fan of the fucking corkscrews but this one is wide enough where you’re not rubbing your face off the side or ping ponging up it. So Kudos ladies to having a corkscrew I do not hate. :

After the corkscrew there is a slight ride up to a dead end at 1500 feet give or take. Where they’ve put an under construction side. So come back soon and lets see what the ladies have for us next.

Okay so let’s finish this up. I road this track several times and really I do like it, but it needs some work. I expected it to be prettier run by a lot of women, and incidentily I didn’t see one rainbow. Heh. I do reccommend this track and you will enjoy it. Please respect their privacy though and enjoy your ride.

Fuck you i’m Frosty!


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