Hells Aces Mc


Okay so today I roade the Hells Aces MC track.

I wanna say this is a good solid ride. I have ridden it twice now and at first I thought it was kinda bleak, and then I paid better attention and I realized that there was really quite a bit to look at. I was pleasantly surprised and glad I didn’t write it off.

Okay so this track was made from scratch by Nite Planer  who is the MC’s Vice President. I wanna say this, the track had no corkscrews, no cookie cutters and all the seams lined up. I was a happy fucking camper. You know my attitude when it comes to riding tracks.

So let’s start off at the bottom. This is where they house their MC, there is a urban area you can explore and don’t forget to take a dip in the refreshing green water of the pool, where you can collect a boutique of hepatitis, some used condoms and some rusty needles. I know I know you’re saying “Hey Frosty! It’s not Christmas!!” And I’m gonna tell you to enjoy yourself anyway…. Or maybe i’ll just tell you to put the needle in your dick hole ferris! Either way it’s a party.

Okay let’s ride up the track now, and keep your eyes peeled there is a lot of little stuff to look at. As you make your way up the road you’re gonna find a lot of mini platforms where they had members do some decorating. So they’re all going to be quite a bit different. Which is pretty awesome. A group effort is the best way to go that way everybody has a say and a hand in it. Nobody feels left out. Well unless they’re probies, then who cares right? Heh

At 1308 there is a little turn off where you can get out and rest if you want to . There is a small camp ground and a cave to explore with a small water fall. Now i’m not sure where that water is coming from, but what the hell it looks cool.. 🙂

At 1581 there is a bowling alley, another rezz area, looks like a shooting range….incidentily I believe I own that very one myself. Nice small platform. Now if you’re not paying attention like I wasn’t paying attention you’ll drive right past the left hand turn and come to a stop. Keep your eyes peeled they do that a couple times if you’re not paying attention, which is great because I love shit that catches you off guard. On this section there is also a pool table and what looks like it’s a Zombie outbreak area. Killing shit is never a bad thing. SWEET!

Now out of the pixel blue yonder I came acrossed a small section where you pass through some iron gates and on a very short cobble stone path with a small duck pond. Now from what I understand you should always feed alka seltzer to the ducks they love that shit.

Like the fucking oasis at 1906 Meters in the air. Well I’m not sure if you can fuck there but if you bring your own poseballs have it. Drive it to pound town yo! If you’re not paying attention you’ll think you’re at the end. Well you’re not. Look around and you’ll see the turn off to go up further.

Eventually you will reach the top, but do yourslef a favor and go back down and enjoy the ride. There really is some good stuff to see and it’s well worth it.

On small thing, because I have a tendancy to ping pong and drag my face up the wall, I would have liked to have seen the track a little wider. But you know if I wasn’t screwing around so much I would have driven better. However I like to have fun and see where or if I can fall through the sides.

Enjoy this ride folks I know i’ll be back

Get fucked! I’m Frosty!


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