Legends MC, Kings Canyon

Owner – Jairus Silvercloud

Road Captain – Angel Martin-Doobie

Okay let’s talk about the Legends MC at Kings Canyon. What a great ride this was for an unfinished track. Depending on your speed it takes roughly 10 to 15 minutes to get to the top and it’s absolutely full of things to look at. At the base where you rezz into the track you have the Silvercloud bike shop. The owner of the track Jairus Silvercloud makes his own bikes and sells them for your riding pleasure. The vendor also allows you to demo certain bikes for free so check that shit out. On the other side of the rezz area is a big lodge. Inside it shows some history of the Legends MC and from what I’ve been told it will be expanded upon as time goes on. You know like history often does. If you take a look around you’ll see a Please feed the bears sign next to a bear. I hear he goes for the crotch when you feed him, ladies. Peanut butter….Just saying. Well or steak sauce, be adventurous. ๐Ÿ™‚

So let’s go up the track, you are going to enjoy the scene, it’s full of redwoods, a nice scenic area where you can pull off and enjoy a firepit and a few beers. If you take the time to look around you’re going to enjoy a very pleasant view of the falls. The redwood grove is well done and sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Just enjoy this track there are a ton of twists and turns and a lot of variety, you will smack into a few walls…..well I did at least, but let’s not act surprised by that. One good thing to say about this track is that I never fell through it anywhere. Also the seams line up, every thing looks great and I can really find no flaws in it. Damnit!

Now keep on going up the track you find a nice log cabin where they host DJ’s, live concerts and a large open space where you can hold custom events for whatever twisted things your minds come up with Freaks.

As you continue along the track you’re gonna find the crystal caves which hosts another race track. Cause why not damnit. You’re gonna dig it. There is another scenic point kinda hidden out of the way, you’re going to like this area. Chill out and check out the crystals everywhere. So after you roar around this track you are at the end of your current ride, well unless you go down. You will pass an exit upwards but that is blocked off for now. He’s told me that he will be opening that up in the next couple of weeks. Be on the look out for this you’re gonna enjoy it. He also told me that he’s planning on doing another expansion later on and I’m looking forward to that as well.

Okay so this is a great track so far, fun to ride, good to look at. I can’t wait for it to be longer. Make sure you bring your friends, and MC families here to enjoy this place. You will want to come back. I’ve ridden the track four times now I think.

That’s all for now, Fuck ’em if you got ’em! – Frosty


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