Criminally Insane MC

Criminally Insane MC


So I went and visited the good people at the Criminally Insane MC. I was pleasantly surprised when I popped in there one morning before RL work and saw a few old friends chilling out. Turns out I know several people in this MC, they’re all decent people. Make sure you say hello to them when you pop over.

Okay first off you land right next to the Rezz area. The club house / and MC party barn is located right here as well. As well as a circle of chairs around a fire pit. Also if you’re friendly with the MC why don’t you see if you can get your colors raised on a flag pole. You will have to ask Tracy Groves VP and or Outcast who is the President of the club.

Also Mind your Ps and Qs, the Sgt at Arms Aingeal has her own office and there is a jail cell and from what I understand nightly cavity searches regardless if you need them or not do happen. Sounds like a date to me.

I spoke to Tucker, and he and I had a good conversation. He was very helpful and answered all my questions. One thing we talked about is that their MC is always recruiting and they strive to be more of a family instead of just a huge MC boasting big numbers. Like I said I know several people in this organization and I agree, they’re good people and you should go say hello….and bring cookies and or pot. πŸ™‚

If you like them dirty ladies and muddy tits and naughty parts well there is a Mud wrestling pit you can take a dip into and get all dirty and then take a fap break. There is also a bull riding game and I know from experience that three horned bastard is a bit of a dink. there is also a current events wall dedicated to a few causes, stop by and ponder how good you really have it. This MC fully supports the search for a cure for SMA. Which is a Spinal Muscular Atrophy and it’s a cause near and dear to their hearts. Make sure you help out and donate to the cause. It is a worthy one indeed.

Okay let’s start off on the track.. First take a loop around and check it out, watch out for the rain fall. It makes things slip and if you’re going to fast well you will go off the side of the track and fall. Trust me I did it. Epic failure dude. I totally need a pink hello kitty helmet with sparkles on it. (Shout out to da Panda) πŸ™‚ But seriously I go like a bat out of hell sometimes just to see where I fall through and yeah my dumb ass constantly went off the side of the track. I fell a lot…. Damnit.

The first part of the track brings you around the sim heading upwards. There are no guard rails you will fall if you go off the edge. So A: learn how to drive, that includes me, or B: slow the fuck down which also goes for me. πŸ™‚ It brings you up to a Simbaz level and once you wind your way to the main area you’re going to come to their concert area where they hosts artist twice a month and a comedy show every Tuesday night. They have a lot of open space area up here for a shop or a special event, you can stop in and inquire. Continuing up a little further on the track you’re going to come to a murder ball arena, where you get your murder on and murder murder and oh murder….. Edit. I was told this was a Biker Ball Arena and murder is not allowed. Well shit. I was also told that no, they wouldn’t allow murder even for a special occasion. Awwww pout..

As you go on and upwards you’re going to come to a sweet area with a lot of foliage, trees and plants. If you bang a hard right just after the the foliage is done you’re going to find the 7 Seas fishing area. They hold fishing events twice a month on Thursdays. Pretty sweet, and I do have a few fishing rods. They aren’t just for poking and annoying people with. Unless you sink the hook into them, then you apologize while laughing your tits off.

If you’re into paint ball well they have an area for that as well, and I really need to try it. I’ve done it in RL, almost got shot in the dick. Never will I play without a cup ever again. Just saying.

Okay with that being said. Time for the bad stuff. Simbaz are decent tracks and they serve a good purpose. However once you’ve rode one you’ve road them all. Also you know how cranky I get on seams not lining up and there are a few here. They also have a lot of room here so it could be a good thing if they did more twists and turns. as you travel up. Also maybe some guard rails on the lower part leading upwards, so my dumb ass can bounce off them instead of falling off the side again. πŸ™‚ Over all this was a good ride. I would love to see it expanded and made longer. I love long rides and I love to explore tracks. But overall this is a good track and you will enjoy it. From what Tucker told me later on they are constantly changing certain things to keep it fresh. So that’s awesome, I look forward to going back and checking it out again.

See that wasn’t so painful – The Doctor Frosty. Oh yeah and Fuck.


One thought on “Criminally Insane MC

  1. woot good description makes me wanna go there just for paintball!! n i sucky too at riding on any sim RL i rock but sl i suck!! good job sparky πŸ˜›


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