Legends MC, Kings Crossing Part 2.


Okay so hi folks. Awhile back I did a review on Legends MC, Kings Canyon. Well Jarius has updated the track and finished that new layer and I went back this morning and checked it out. It’s a great addition and I look forward to trying to find something to bitch about. It’s tough for this place but damn it I’m looking. How dare they thwart me and my attempts to complain……. DAMN YOU! 🙂 I did finally see a small glitch in the matrix! YES. It was just a small overlap of one tiny piece of texture. Really though this track is well thought out and just gone over with a fine tooth comb.

If you haven’t read the first review please do so first and then read this one. If you’ve already read the first one than read it again. Okay just read it. Shit do I have to dress you and put you in your purdy pink panties as well?


Okay all caught up now? Good okay lets get going and we’re gonna pick up in the crystal cavern cave where the new part of the track just opened up. Traveling up the road you come out of the cave and hit a nice forested area. It’s a great transition, nice and smooth no issues. Following the road you wind through the forest around a few bends in the road. You know I must say there are some great views to be had, some places to stop and smell the fucking flowers and well perhaps a meth / taco stand. There is a good idea, Meth and tacos……. at a road side stand. Covers all your needs, well except for hookers. How about a Meth, Hooker and Taco stand please? Man I need food BRB.

Okay I’m back, I’m watching the League on Netflix and freshly showered. TMI you ask? Tough shit. 🙂

Okay done with the rambling and back to the track. Okay let’s be serious, I’ll never stop rambling but I will try to focus just a bit.

This part of the track is really well laid out, it keeps with the theme of the whole track, it’s got some great decorations and just the right amount of curves, straight aways and it’s a lot of fun. Around 880 Meters in the air you get to the next level. This will take you around the outskirts of the sim and you get a great view of everything. At the very top of the track there is a rest area to pull over and relax. If you’re so inclined, jump on the Zip line. That will take you down to the lake house in the water where you can sit around a nice camp fire and talk about the ride or get splinters in your ass from the logs. Either way I’m cool with it. 🙂 Inside the little lake house you will see on the side of the wall is the grand prize photo taken on the day of the grand opening of the SIM, and it’s really well done I was impressed.

The one thing I would like to see is a small bridge from the little campground over to the road. I tried to walk over and got stuck under the ground. Not a huge deal but it needs to be a little easier.

Other than that not much else to say. Well done again Jarius. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

No Fucking Regrets! – Frosty


The Whiskey Rebels.



Okay sorry for the delay, I really have been dragging my ass lately. RL stuff and just tired have kinda kept me on the SL sidelines a bit. Plus end of summer stuff at work and so on. It’s no excuse but eat me it’s what I got.

Okay so let’s talk about the Whiskey Rebel track. I’ve driven this track a few times and it’s a good ride. It is nice an long which is just how I like them and there isn’t any corkscrews. Which I’m sure all of you know how much I dislike corkscrews and that shit by now. 🙂

First thing is first. They’re having a Rally October 23,24 and 25. So sign up early to get a space. It’s looking to be a big one so don’t miss out. I plan on being there as well and maybe drinking a bit, who the fuck knows what i’ll do. So if you want to reserve a spot talk to the MC President Ziggy Stoanes and he will sort you out. While I’m writing this I smell a cookout in the background sooo distractions distractions and mmmmmmm flesh sizzling.

Okay so let’s start this bitch out. The bottom of the sim is phenomenal. Love it, there is a ton of shit to do, the space is very well used and you will not be fucking disappointed. Let’s see they have a bunch of shit to do. Bumper cars, because vehicle homicide is fun for kids of all ages, well at least attempted. 🙂 If for some reason you do not have a bike, well Whiskey bikes is on the sim and from what I understand they are priced 500 L$ a piece and hey that’s a damned good bargain. So check them out and get your ass up the track. Let’s see they have a tiki lounge, 7 seas fishing, there is a gaming area. Now I recently tried surfing for the first time, it was kinda fun. I like new things. So turns out they have a surfing area here and waves to ride. If you haven’t tired it, I suggest you do so because it’s fairly cool. Make sure when you’re surfing you aim for the duckies, the little bastards are asking for it. Man they have a lot of shit on the bottom level which includes a diving platform. OOOHHH yeah, Audrey two is there, you know just chilling. I stood next to the big fucking plant for a picture was really hoping it would eat me but alas here I still am. FEED ME FROSTY. HA HA HA… If you’ve seen the movie, picture that in the voice of Audrey 2. Now there is also a really long water slide and that’s rather cool to go down. There is a teleport up to it, but you can also ride the track and get to it that way.

Let’s see As you’re exploring you must ask yourself, do you have your shots? You’re gonna come to this run down rusty rat trap with a bull riding machine, some mud wrestling and loud awesome music. You have arrived at Club Tetanus and well you may get that and AIDS. Who knows about either of those but it could happen. 🙂 Who doesn’t love gambling with their health.

Okay lets get on up the track. There is a short curvy little drive upwards to 71 meters in the air you come to the first speed track. You have to follow the speed track a ways and keep an eye out for the exit, it’s not marked at all but it takes you up another curvy path to another speed track at 132 meters in the air. This speed track has sheep on it. KILL! I love little touches like these, seriously it cracks me the fuck up. I mean sure i’ll have to clean blood and body parts outta my spokes but fuck it. That’s the price of entertainment.

Another race track at 485 meters. This level of the track needs help with the textures. I would really like to see some different textures for the walls, like they did to the lower parts of the track. I’m hoping this is a work in progress and they just haven’t gotten to it yet.

At 752 meters in the air there is a large paint ball / zombies area. Check this out. There is a teleporter to the region if you don’t want to ride the track to get it. Follow the track a little bit and at 767 meters you get to the psychedelic area, i hope you’re on acid cause this is fucking trippy, seriously I think I had a seizure here. YAY! After the tripping balls section is past you continue up the track and you come to several jumps and loops. Both of which are great, I love different things on tracks. Oh and there is a section where there are some escaped convicts or tourists…..doesn’t matter, just Kill them. Pretty please?

At the top of the sim at 976 meters in the air, there are the drag races, and the spot where I believe they’re holding the rally. Nice area, come reserve a tent for your MC.

Now there is a little side track up to an obstacle course. Go check that out. Nice thing about this track is they’re constantly doing something different so it is worth multiple trips up.

Okay now for the routine complaints. This is a nice long track and I enjoyed the ride, it was nice and curvy and well it’s fun. The speed tracks are worth checking out. The whole place is worth checking out you will enjoy the track by yourself or with your friends.

So the things that bothered me. Now remember I’m just an independent dude who does this for fun, I don’t get paid and my opinion doesn’t mean anything. I just try to give a fair and balanced review of what I ride. With that being said. Fix the seams, fix the textures and this ride will be so much nicer. There are quite a few seams visible, they aren’t hard to miss. I would suggest that the textures on the sides don’t need to match the track itself. Maybe guardrail textures or concrete. It will look better and I won’t Try to drive on them. 🙂 It might be a good idea to point out where the upper levels start. Cause I wasn’t paying attention and passed them each and every damn time until I smartened up.

Okay folks have fun on this ride and if you don’t like it, go get AIDS at the club.

GET FUCKED – I’m Frosty!