Legends MC, Kings Crossing Part 2.


Okay so hi folks. Awhile back I did a review on Legends MC, Kings Canyon. Well Jarius has updated the track and finished that new layer and I went back this morning and checked it out. It’s a great addition and I look forward to trying to find something to bitch about. It’s tough for this place but damn it I’m looking. How dare they thwart me and my attempts to complain……. DAMN YOU! 🙂 I did finally see a small glitch in the matrix! YES. It was just a small overlap of one tiny piece of texture. Really though this track is well thought out and just gone over with a fine tooth comb.

If you haven’t read the first review please do so first and then read this one. If you’ve already read the first one than read it again. Okay just read it. Shit do I have to dress you and put you in your purdy pink panties as well?


Okay all caught up now? Good okay lets get going and we’re gonna pick up in the crystal cavern cave where the new part of the track just opened up. Traveling up the road you come out of the cave and hit a nice forested area. It’s a great transition, nice and smooth no issues. Following the road you wind through the forest around a few bends in the road. You know I must say there are some great views to be had, some places to stop and smell the fucking flowers and well perhaps a meth / taco stand. There is a good idea, Meth and tacos……. at a road side stand. Covers all your needs, well except for hookers. How about a Meth, Hooker and Taco stand please? Man I need food BRB.

Okay I’m back, I’m watching the League on Netflix and freshly showered. TMI you ask? Tough shit. 🙂

Okay done with the rambling and back to the track. Okay let’s be serious, I’ll never stop rambling but I will try to focus just a bit.

This part of the track is really well laid out, it keeps with the theme of the whole track, it’s got some great decorations and just the right amount of curves, straight aways and it’s a lot of fun. Around 880 Meters in the air you get to the next level. This will take you around the outskirts of the sim and you get a great view of everything. At the very top of the track there is a rest area to pull over and relax. If you’re so inclined, jump on the Zip line. That will take you down to the lake house in the water where you can sit around a nice camp fire and talk about the ride or get splinters in your ass from the logs. Either way I’m cool with it. 🙂 Inside the little lake house you will see on the side of the wall is the grand prize photo taken on the day of the grand opening of the SIM, and it’s really well done I was impressed.

The one thing I would like to see is a small bridge from the little campground over to the road. I tried to walk over and got stuck under the ground. Not a huge deal but it needs to be a little easier.

Other than that not much else to say. Well done again Jarius. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

No Fucking Regrets! – Frosty


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