Here I am this weekend at the home of the Tombstone Territory. This is not a stop and look at the roses track, this is a ride your happy ass around and enjoy what this track has to offer.

The spot where you rezz is the area where you start the track, dance your happy ass off on the provided dance pads. There is also a game table and several stores to check out one of them being the best fucking bbq in town. Also there is a duck hunt game on here that brings me back to my younger years when I had a Nintendo and use to play the shit outta that game. It was packaged with Super Mario brothers. Now that game using warps and shit I could beat in just under ten minutes. It was awesome, look how far games have come though. I mean not that SL is a game but more of a way of life and yeah I fucking need coffee to help me focus, I feel rants comeing on. Actually is SL a game or just a huge social interactive chat room where you can attach some body parts and bump uglies? Also on another note there is a hang mans noose here for dates gone bad. I hear it’s an equal opportunity noose, so bitches beware. 🙂

So the bottom floor starts off as a race track around the and then you make your way up to the next level. This track really shines and is a lot of fun. Remember don’t bother smelling the roses, there aren’t any. Actually the owner has stated that he’s not done and is gonna do some decorating around the area.

Next level is a old shitty building could be the old club house. Okay so I asked and yes It is the old club house, currently not being used for much at the moment. I suggest porn. Don’t act surprised cause you know I would watch it. The reason that this is the old club house is that the folks here are currently patching over to the 7th Legion. From what I understand Tombstone will be closing down soon so get over there and ride the track while you still can.

658 meters Continue up the track there is a paint ball area to enjoy right next to a Mad Jacks bike vender area. If you continue up a little a further you’ll come acrossed a little hole in the wall where there are some bowling lanes available if you wanna shut down and chill out for a bit. As well as a shooting range if you keep going up.

I had a chance to talk to Blue – Mastersin and he is definatly closing tombstone in the next few days so feel free to come check out the track while you still can. It’s a shame to lose a decent track but I understand the reasons behind it. So come check it out and say hi. He did also tell me that in the future there is a chance it will open back up down the line elsewhere so there is a good thing.

Have a great weekend Bitches! – Frosty


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