South Dakota, Angels MC
Hi folks, Frosty here.

This track was built by Kiera Shelter, and she has assured me she isn’t done yet and will tidy up the seams and textures. I think my reputation is starting to get around. πŸ™‚

Today I’m at the Hells Angels South Dakota track. Home of the Angels MC. Sister club to the Hells Angels North Dakota. Bottom floor is the hangout area. Games, Karaoke. If by chance you don’t own your own bike there is a biker rezzer out you can use to ride the track with.

There is a race track right at the start of it all. It’s not a bad little run, I of course bumped off every surface because you know why not. But once you hit the track, shortly afterwards there is a right hand turned marked with an Arrow that will take you up. This part of the track is nice, has a great combination of curves ans straightaways, pay attention some of them creep up on you.

At 396 Meters, there is a small turn off. Not sure why this is here, but there is a beat up shit box truck and an old tractor here. There is also a gas pump here. You haven’t gone that far yet if you need to fill up already we need to talk kids. On a side note I’m watching a big titted blond on a web cam. NOM. Distractions are perky. Where was I. OOOh yeah okay so. Beyond the tires and the rusty shit boxes there is a fence with some horses behind it. I tried to run over them with my Bike.

Moving on. Climb the track a bit more until you get to 534 meters and you’re at another speed track. and another fuel pump…. How much gas do they go through here and why can’t I set it on fire. Moving right along I went around a few corners and bends just chugging away enjoying the view and I came across a……………….gas station. *face palms* When you drive past this gas and gulp and junkie hooker hangout, you come across a left turn marked with an arrow that will lead you up to the next level.

Ooooo here we go, me likey. A haunted house. I love this season I really do. Love the corpses hanging in the trees, is it weird I’m kinda turned on a little? so approached the house, and I see an enter at your own risk sign with a green pose ball on it. Says do not sit here. So I sat there, and promptly fell backwards onto the dirty fucking ground dead apparently. I look down at my corpse and realizes I am rather handsome. But vanity aside, it’s time to stand up and explore this fucking house. Oh man I love this house, I could masturbate in it. TMI? I never know where that line is. Blow me. πŸ™‚ The decor is fantastic, from the spot of blood to the dead guy hanging from the noose. Incidentally in RL I can tie a legit hang mans noose. It’s really pisser. Make sure you poke Wednesday Addams in the face when you see her and also, walk over the not so dead guy under the carpet. He’s a masochist clearly.

I do believe around 745 meters in the air, after the haunted house you will find the club houses, with another gas pump. Laughs. Be careful when you roar up the incline here there is an abrupt stop coming up if you hit it. Sharp left turn onto the next level. I’m looking around and there is a nice little place to rest your feet, chat with some friends. Another speed track and a gas pump. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that Kiera has a lot of Gas. πŸ™‚ The speed track is nice, short and sweet and gets the job done. This is a small area and you’re ready to move up to the next level. So climb the hill and at 907 meters in the air you come to the next level. Bang a right and hit the speed track on your way around. This is a nice little race track also. It’s narrower so I suggest slowing down. I mean I didn’t but who am I suppose to play ping pong if I’m not going way to fast. πŸ™‚ Okay the Covered bridge is a nice touch. Be on the lookout there is a left turn that takes you up.

At 1005 you get to the top of the track. You go through some nice arches to get in and there is a shopping area to poke around and when a rally is in town it can be help up here as well. Nice looking area.

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled there is a ton of shit you will miss if you don’t look around. On the way down there is a surprise and it made me smile. I love creative shit I really do.

Okay here is the nuts and shaft of this track. It’s a great ride. I liked it, it’s well put together and I’ll ride it again. Kiera worked hard on this track and it shows. Like I said she did assure me she is going to clean up the seams and textures because she isn’t done yet. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Okay lessee what else. Okay the track is wide for the most part and really easy to cruise around. There are a couple of spots where things narrow up and you will bounce your happy ass around if you’re not careful. Over all though I like this track a great deal

By the way, I passed a bear who looks likes fucking a log. Seriously. He’s got wood man.

That bear isn’t the only thing that has wood!

Get Bent – Frostylicious


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