Hells Belles MC and riding track.


Okay folks, today I went to the Hells Belles MC and track area, also home to the Berserker MC. Now the Hells Belles is also the name of a roller derby team near me in RL, but that is just a side note. Also I’ve been assured this isn’t a Lesbian MC, although they’re welcome. It’s a women only MC so gents, put your peckers in your pants and ladies put your leather and flannels on, get your unicorn strap ons equipped and fart glitter if applicable. Don’t ask it’s been a weird day. 🙂

This is all on a Half sim and I have to say I am impressed with the amount of track they have here. Well done Clairebear, very well done.

Okay starting at the bottom of the track you have a great beach to hang out at, there are rafts, floats to lay on, boards to surf on, jet skis, some lounge areas and a couple hot tops. great shit here. Also if you jump in the water and swim a bit you’ll find a sunken pirate ship among some reefs. Well done. Love to see creativity. Also if you’re into fishing there is a 7 seas fishing area. I haven’t fished in awhile but I do enjoy it.

Okay let’s talk about this track. It’s all Mesh track, well put together by Clairebear and it really is a lot of fun. Now this is a riding track, there is not stop and smell the roses, or rub the thorns some where that tickles. You get on your fucking bike and your ride it. This track is well thought out and well put together. Claire has taken great pride in lining her textures and seams up. I couldn’t find one fucking seam to complain about. Damn it! Now there are some translucent textures where you can see the edges butt up against each other but I can’t count that because it’s just SL being SL.

Oh and tonights show is on the other monitor is “Cam sluts, the other tasty treat” And Scrubs on and off. Dr. Reed loves the cock.

Around 1007 Meters in the air you’re gonna launch your happy ass up a long incline and you’re going to land on a platform where the two club houses are situated. As well as some games, a karaoke area if you wanna sing like an idiot. The only song I can sing even remotely well is Bohemian rhapsody and even then I sound like a fucktard. Lovely thought I know. There is a hang out on top of the building if you just wanna chill out and meet new people. They also have a board up that has links to other MCs and tracks. Also don’t forget to tip the track if you like it.

Back to the track. There is plenty more to go here and it just keeps going up. Sharp inclines, turns, straight aways and just some bad ass riding. Now this is a bit of a challenging track, which was awesome. I road it several times and it doesn’t get old I think you’ll all feel the same as I do.

At 1390 Meters in the air there is a drone game. This looks interesting, I wanna get some people together and go try this, it looks really cool…..hang on somebody is fucking texting me. Okay I’m back. So yeah where was I… Oh yeah the drones. This looks interesting to me and you know I can’t focus on anything for very long so I hope this is pretty cool

When you get to the top you will find another set of games, feel free to check them out. I am going to go back and try the Golf driving range one, that looks pretty pisser, and you can aim at exploding targets. We all know of my love for shit blowing up, well this is no exception. There is also a bowling alley, some fucking bumper ball game, some tv’s and a shooting range. Oh yeah and Duck Hunt, if you remember the old Nintendo entertain system than you remember this fucking game. Absolutely love this game and it’s a real shot in the old gaming vein. All the comforts of home!

So in ending this edition of profanity in litrature I must ask, with a women MC why did I not see one sandwich? Seriously i’m hungry, what the fuck? 🙂 Okay to be serious just for a second. Check this place out you’ll love it

Nuff Said! – Get Fucked I’m Frosty.


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