Road Runners MC

Hi folks Frosty here.

Alright I’m at the Road Runners MC riding their track and I have to say I’m rather pleased with this track even though it does have a couple cork screws. Or as I like to call them, “oh shit there is another turn I’m gonna fuck up.” šŸ™‚

I had a great talk with the MC President Dayta Dorchester, and Jonquel Dorchester, they were both incredible helpful and offered up a lot of information about their track. First off Dayta and Seque Abbot designed the track and there is so much I like about this place. so we’re gonna dive in and check this place out.

Let’s see the bottom level. Okay feel free to rezz your bike and take a look around the welcome area. There is an MC community board. Feel free to explore it, cause it will bring you several great tracks on there and alot that I haven’t been to yet but I’m sure I will in time. Okay so rezz your goddamn bike and let’s go. Oh wait if you don’t have a bike, or want to try something different there is a motorcycle test drive vendor here for you to check out. After the welcome area around the corner there is a big club. Looks like some dancing and games can take place. You can park your bike and chill out or play one of the games they have out.

Oh they have a Sheriff’s Office, it’s the office of Kitty Cummings (Great name……giggity) She is the Sgt @ Arms. Don’t mess with her, I hear there is some serious S&M gear being fitted into the Cells.. Or there should be. šŸ™‚

Okay getting to the track the first thing you hit is a corkscrew….. Fuuuuuuuck. Actually this one isn’t bad really, but I always seem to over correct and drive face first into the fucking wall. Glad I can’t take damage cause I would one hurting sumbitch. šŸ™‚ Okay in all honesty, I do fine on Corkscrews, I just need to slow down. But what fun is that? Sometimes it’s just fun to go tits out as fast as you can right? After the corkscrew the track unwinds and is really a lot of fun.

At 214 meters up in the air there is a rest area look out point. This is a great sim surround and looks really nice. Stop and give it a look. I did, and there are some binoculars out on the platform, but i’ll be fried if I know what the hell the picture was in both of them.

Okay so you all know me as a Heavy Metal DJ, love that shit. Right now I’m listening to Lindsey Stirling, she’s a violinist and an incredible talent. Bet you fuckers didn’t expect that. Right now this is her version of Phantom of the Opera. I own a copy of that somewhere. Great stuff.

Back to the track and the second corkscrew that I just got off of. Oooh okay so there are a couple of jumps coming up, now a just a hint for these. Make sure you’re going fast enough. Remember it’s not the fall that kills, it’s the sudden stop. OH JOYS. Hah

If you’re into Paintball there is a small field to play on at 349 meters in the air. I still haven’t checked it out yet. Played in RL a couple times but never in SL. I bet it hurts less when you get peppered with the little high velocity bastards. If bull riding is more your still around the corner there is a mechanical bull whose just itching to toss your happy ass into a wall and then stomp the dick snot outta you. Do you enjoy big balls in your hand? Well than there is some bowling right after the Bull riding. Five lanes of pins and a whole lotta balls to put your hands on. You crazy weirdos. heh. Okay I’m in a weird mood right now. Along the way there is a hot dog stand, great for the scenery but now I’m fucking hungry. Right after the hot dog stand there is a loop. I like loops, they’re fun and I really enjoy watching the physics engine of SL freak out and try to correct everything.

At 702 there is another platform to check out. They have a shooting range to try your luck at, a concert stage and a kick ass roller coaster. Make sure you’re in mouselook to enjoy it properly. From here it’s a climb to the top you have another 360 meters to go into the air until you’re up to the top. There is a great speed track up here so you can enjoy it.

This track is a great ride a lot of positive things and some good stuff to check and look at. Now I know everybody loves to hear about the little things I point out. Well other than the corkscrews and a few seams that are a little off there is nothing negative about this ride. So get over here and check this shit out. You’ll thank me.

This was a porn free review. Holy shit.

Fuck it all! (That’s what she said) Pffft – Fuck you i’m Frosty!


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