Cobras MC


There is a lot of shit to see here at the Cobras World MC. Start with the club house. There are some games out front, some bike vendors and a ton of other vendors to look at. It all helps pay for the sim.

Check out the bottom of the sim, there is some great shit to see. First and foremost there is a Veterans memorial you have to check out. I love anything that honors the Veterans. There is also another memorial for friends of the MC who have passed away in real life. This is a pretty cool area. You definitely should come check it out and pay your respects.

Okay along the ground floor there are plenty of things to see like a giant fucking owl near a camp fire. Mmmm bbq owl giblets. There is also a place by the water you can sit and chat at to relax and look out over the water.

Alright so you wanna ride the track don’t you. Well this place has a cool thing I’ve not seen on other Sims yet.. They have this script you put into your bike and when you drive into these redirect panels it will move you to the location you choose. What a great concept, seriously. It’s a pain in the dick to have to rerezz your bike after you tp well this takes care of it nicely. So drive around to the back of the clubhouse, get the free script and put it in your bike and chose your destination. I would say start with the Cobra Coil Ramp Track. You will be brought to the Skull track. Start the race track and you will come to the ramp midway or so through it. By all means though check out the skull track as well it is a great track and well worth the ride.

You follow the ramp up and it will bring you to the only premade track on the sim. It’s a Simbaz and it’s really nicely done. They put some extra care into decorating and making this place look spectacular. You do not have to go around the track if you don’t want to, you can just take the corner and go up to the next level. The ramp up to the next level is a bit wider and nice to open up and fly around. Plus there is a line of fire you pass through and I could of sworn some of it starts chasing you. DEMONS!

Scattered along the track are a few amusements, some sheep to make lambchops outta, but one of my favorite ideas up here is the spinning blades in the road. I wish they could knock you off the track of do some damage to you if you hit them. You just in time for Thanksgiving to carve a few turkeys up. πŸ™‚

Okay so there are a few race tracks at the top you should check out as well as some more shops. You’ll dig these tracks, they’re fun and I’ve been on them a few times. So check them out.

Okay let’s talk about the quirks. No corkscrews Hell yeah! Thank you Cobras. The only thing that you can’t help but notice is that there are a few seams that need to be adjusted and textures lined up. You know the same shit that I point out everywhere. πŸ™‚ Now like I said great track, check it out and you won’t regret it.

Frosty is fucking outta here!


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